Michael Heseltine [6]

The decrepit old cunt has written yet again for George Osborne’s comic (The Standard).

This old wankstain has as much reason as Mangedbum to fear leaving the EU (in his case his private vanity project arbortoreum) , Mandy’s is his EU old age pension.

Heseltine is a cunt of the first stripe he never shuts his 84 year old mouth up. George Osborne’s Standard is almost the equivalent of the wank mags beloved by teenagers, he is forever tossing himself off over the EU and for him to see the stumbling shambling drunken Junker, is as big a thrill as a 13 year old looking at the centrefold of Big and Bouncy.

Heseltine was instrumental in getting rid of Maggie which was unforgivable – we so need somebody like her now. But that the old motherfucker continues his hypocritical rantings and that makes him a 24 carat boring cunt.

When Brexit comes Osborne will go – the useful idiot editor will have lost his usefulness.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Michael Heseltine (5)

This perennial EU loving shitbag has now claimed that he’d rather have Comrade Corbyn and his merry band of commie cunts in power than see the UK out of the EU, the sell out cunt claims that the former would be less damaging.

Why and how has this man ever had and continue to have a foothold in politics?

Right from the start even in the Thatcher government he was always a back stabbing Europhile cunt.

Christ, he engaged in a level of selling this country down the river to the eurocunts that would even make Blair and Major creams their pants!

This cunt should have been put out to pasture (or worse) a very long time ago!

Maybe the Tories will finally get a fucking clue and expel this cunt!

Nominated by Prime Minister Sinister

Michael Heseltine

It seems that Charlton Hessletine has driven his chariot into the brexit arena, and has declared that Brexit will never happen, and that we will remain. He predicts that Members of the House of ill Repute have no stomach for such an arduous task such as managing a country, and would far prefer if someone else would do it for them. Hesselslime also predicts that we will eventually replace the pound with the Euro, and within a generation or so, we will all be happily little eurodumbs.

Sadly, following the capitulation of that most useless piece of shit Treason May, he could well be right.

More painful cuts to welfare, NHS and Public Services, a further tightening of the belt ( because we need to be prudent ) yet we can shell out fucking billions to the Slimeshits of the EU.

There is only one change that is required now, the change that can be purchased with a full metal jacket!

May is a cunt, and Hesselslime is the condom for Barmy Barnier’s cock.

Nominated by asimplearsehole

Michael Heseltine [3]

Michael Hesslecunt just became front runner for cunt of the year 2017.
He’s just said that brexit is like letting Germany win world war 2.

Nominated by DeploytheSausage

I thought staying in the EU was like letting Germany win WWII ??

He’s totally lost the plot!

Nominated by Dioclese

Old Tarzan must be suffering from a spot of dementia or else he is just being a deliberate bellend.

Nominated by Mike Oxard

Michael Heseltine (2)

Tarzan, Lord of the Westminster jungle, has been monkeying around…..again. As a result, he has been given the heave-ho as a government advisor, after swinging through the chambers of the Lords attempting to put a banana skin under Article 50.

Being interviewed by Sky on 8 March, he said P.M May’s role was a “man-sized” job. Nice one Tarzan, on International Wimmins Day too. That would normally have gone down like a fart in a spacesuit with the Feministas. Although, they will probably overlook it since he’s not just any old Tory toff from the neolithic age, to be ritually castigated, drawn and quartered in public, as would be standard operating procedure, for the loud and proud Fem-brigade.

Instead, he is a new improved ‘Remoaning Old Tory Toff’. Long gone for him, are the days of having to listen to 1980’s  shouts of  ‘Tory Scum’  and ‘Maggie Out’. He’s now a political lion – a giant amongst the bean stalks. Another great white hope, cutting through the Brexit undergrowth, determined to  hack Article 50 to death, like a mob of Rwandan Hutus butchering the Tutsis to slivers with their machetes.

Well, over the years, he may have stashed a nice bit of cash in the business world, which makes him fairly savvy you would suppose.  However, in 2014, he predicted the UK would join the Euro at some point……yeh, right, only at the point of a gun Blondie. I feel, on this issue, he has chosen to back a three legged horse. In fact, I would take the other side of the bet and suggest the next move in Euroland will be to count the countries that head for the exit. The fire exit for both the EU and the Euro currency is going to get very crowded in the next two to three years. The real question is: ‘Which countries will get trampled in the stampede?’

His tribe of Remoaners may well be judged by future historians as the long undiscovered “missing link” in human evolution. Even Neanderthal Man, it seems, possessed more common sense and a better grasp on reality than these characters.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.