McDonald’s “Super Wrap” ad

I would like to nominate McDonald’s new “Super Wrap” advert for a cunting.

Feckless yoof (a yank – but locale doesn’t really matter) stumbles to the counter to order his “wrap” from a (faux) edgy bit of skirt and the next thing you’re whooshed of to the reality of this cunt getting off with said “edgy” burger-flipper at bowling, cinema, etc.

No mate, no. She’s a burger flipping skank and the reason she’s tolerating your existence is because YOU’RE PAYING you cunt!

As soon as you leave the bowling alley it’s no feel or touchy and as soon as your car leaves her driveway you just know Alfonse will be turning up to a) slip her an 11″ length, b) pick up what she’s grifted off said gullible cunts.

Gullible cunts like YOU!

O’course the ad portrays it as being wholly positive. I see it as slave labour dressed up as a life choice.

Cunt off McDonald’s you cunt!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

McDonald’s customers

McDonald’s customers are scum cunts.

They seem to be responsible for the majority of roadside litter, as they thoughtlessly dispose of the heavily branded packaging from their chavtastic meal, normally at speed from a moving vehicle, so you get the maximum spread of crap.

Don’t get me wrong, there are KFC and Burger King items also, but overwhelmingly it seems, the maccy dees fan takes the crown of littering scummy cunts. McDonald’s don’t have to signpost their locations, as the trash that they call customers can easily find a franchise by following the trail of brown paper bags and coffee cups to their point of origin.

A takeaway used to be a treat, maybe once a week, or a special occasion, but these days cunts live off them, while moaning that they are always skint. And, I don’t give a rats arse what they say about natural ingredients on their shitty adverts, a mate of mine found a McDonald’s cheeseburger, still in its wrapper, under the seat of his car that his son had dropped about 6 months prior. It still looked fresh. Not even mould would eat it. Put that in the fucking adverts, you cunts…..

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye