Jeremy Corbyn [9]

Corbyn is a big egotistical cunt and on his demise I will pour myself the biggest Jack Daniels ever. Even though the cunt may have made a video for the armed forces, on armed forces day, it still doesn’t excuse the fact the hippy fuckster would have rather been at that shite festival than attending Liverpool or any other event the cunt was invited to. I loathe the cunt and his followers with passion and I do fear for the future of this country, if by some chance he were PM. May gets me more annoyed and angrier day by day, but I would still rather have that useless split arse than him. Cunts, the lot of them.

On a brighter note I was having a tea in a cafe today and I saw a massive pair of tits in a tight white shirt. Good job the Mrs wasn’t with me at the time.

Nominated by Gingers Ballsack

The Milibands

Edward and Ralph at Edis Street 1989

Any attempt to portray Miliband Snr as a dangerous Marxist is of course nonsense.

After all you don’t go to the lengths he did to acquire wealth and property and then ensure the tax man doesn’t get his ‘fair share’ of inheritance tax when you pass on the property to your children if you were a Marxist, would you?

What a bunch of hypocritical cunts.

Nominated by: The Grim Reaper

Ed Miliband [5]

Ed Wallace Miliband

Ed Milipede is a cunt. First of all, for bragging that he’s bringing back socialism. Who told the cunt there was a demand for it? What lying sack of rat vomit looked Milibong in the eye and said ‘boss, we’ve been out on the streets, and what the entire population of the UK told us was, we want socialism. Well, the ones who spoke English did anyway’.

There’s also the fact that the cunt took to the stage to do his ‘I’m one of you poor plebs’ act…whilst wearing a fucking £750 tailor made suit. Actually, he should be cunted just for giving Chuka ‘Britain’s Obama’ Umunna a place on the front bench. Britain’s Obama. Not unless he’s talking about Cyril Obama, a toilet attendant from Barnsley.

Being a politician, Militwat is expected to talk shite, but this cunt really goes above and beyond with it. He almost makes Clegg look honest.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Robert Mugabe [3]


The corrupt commie cunt learned his trade from Kwame Nkrumah, President for Life (ie dictator) of Ghana. Nkrumah styled himself the African Lenin. What a sweetheart.

Mugabe’s ‘victory’ has been endorced by the African Union – and to be fair it has been exactly the sort of election those democracy loving cunts ranging from Algeria via Libya to Rwanda and Zimbabwe would recognise ie totally corrupt.

Cards were marked when Mugabe started dipping his barnet in the old dictator dye, that flourescent black hair product so favoured by a chain of dead despots including Sadam Hussein, Gadafi and Hitler.

Mugabe was ‘elected’ by tens of thousands of zombie voters. At 89 he’ll soon be a zombie president. First cunt to rule from his coffin?

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke