Len Goodman (3)

I nominate Len Goodman for a cunting.

I know he’s been done twice before, however this time he’s outdone himself with “partners in rhyme”. Something I have had the misfortune to be exposed to and I don’t even own a fucking telly.
If you don’t know what this is I suggest you get on youtube and find out. As an aside, hold a stopwatch and see how it takes for your piss to boil.
I only just made it to a bathroom.
This tv offering is utter nonsense designed to make people feel good about themselves for allowing their IQ to barely creep over 5.
Len the cunt roughly helps fucktards through this process with all the charm of a condom filled with oven cleaner.
Cunt cunt cunt cunt.
It hurts my brain just to recall this mind numbing drivel.
Smarmy orange motherfucker pretending he’s young and full of life. Fuck off you prick. Will someone please break out the chloroform and cart him off to a big hole in the ground somewhere.
Jesus christ, how is he still on tv? This truly is a crime against humanity. A crime against intelligence, and education; and decency.
Given his theatrical background why hasn’t he been locked up anyway? He’s statistically likely to be on file somewhere over at yewtree.
Put ISIS on hold, this guy needs yanking out of the public eye. Immediately.

Nominated by Cuntflap.

Jesus on a Tricycle, that Len Goodman rhyming wank is so utterly cringeworthy that I literally cannot look at the screen due to the extreme contortion of my face in sheer embarassment for the old cunt.

How did it fucking come to this? This old fucking relic from the neolithic era of TV needed to be put out to pasture along with fucking Forsyth.

For too fucking long, Len Goodman has been putting the ‘turd’ into Saturday.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

Len Goodman [2]


Len Goodman – the cunt responsible for bringing each and every cunt that participates in Strictly Cunts Dancing.

From the judges, comperes to the contestants who feels they have transpired into some mysterious god just to be on that show makes it very hard to pick who to take out first.

A much better, classier group of people are found on Porn Hub, than are the cunts on this excuse for entertainment.

Nominated by: King Cunt

Len Goodman


Len Goodman – the simpering old cockney barrow boy done good who pollutes Saturday night prime time on Strictly Come Dancing.

He is the BBC’s answer to Simon Cowell,

Len is fucking cunt of the highest order. You only have to see him mince about on SCDITT like he is the nations sweetheart and not many people know, his catchphrase “SEVEEEEEN” actually relates to the age of boys he likes to teach to tango.

Inane, vapid, vacuous, cretinous, imbecilic cunt that he is!

Nominated by: Jabba the Slut

( Apparently his new wife reckons he’s shit hot in bed. She probably needs to get out more. Ed. )