Toby Perkins MP


Labour’s MP for Chesterfield, Toby Perkins, is a total cunt…

In a typical Labour lefty way, he’s been sitting round with his fingers up his arse thinking about what’s really important in this country. Never mind the economy, terrorism, the NHS and all the rest of that shite! He’s thinks that the english having their own National Anthem should be top of his list!

So thanks to Toby, we now have the English National Anthem Bill which not content with already pissing good Commons time up the wall will now receive a second reading on 4th March. The bill would bestow a responsibility on the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to hold a consultation across the UK, and Mr Perkins suggested there could even be an “X Factor style programme” to select a song.

So even more time effort and money to be pissed up the wall!

Perhaps I could suggest an appropriate song? How about ‘Too Many Cunts to Count’ off our very own Cuntmusic page?

If cunts like Perkins are running the country, we’re fucked…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Peter Hain

lord peter hain

The Rt Hon. the Lord Hain, ennobled 24 November 2015, is hypocritical cunt :
“I, Peter Gerald Hain, do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.”

Contrast that to the picture above and what he said on 3 November 2014.

What is it with Labour politicians and hypocrisy when it comes to the House of Lords? I remember Prescott continually slagging off the Lords, and then accepting a peerage the first time it was offered. Not for himself mind you, but to make that fat, shaved gorilla he’s married to a Lady. A title does not make one a Lady or a Gentleman.

Mind you, £300 per day plus expenses is quite an incentive. If you’re a greedy, money grabbing, socialist monkey clit.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Seumus Milne


Lefties turn to insults, because the festering cauliflower in their head that passes for a brain, is incapable of logical thought. They cannot process the fact that freedom of speech is a right that EVERYONE has rather than just them. They don’t understand that people have every right to disagree with them. It will not compute that other people, generally the majority, don’t subscribe to the limp wristed, ill thought out, vile, incomprehensible bullshit, that the left churns out on a daily basis.

Only today I have a discovered a lefty who beats the lot hands down. Step forward, Seumus Milne. And no, that’s not a typing error, it actually is his name. I’m guessing his parents hated him, and his middle name is “Cuntypissflaps”. Corbyn has just made this distended rectum his Director of Communications. He’s also a columnist for, (quelle surprise), the Guardian.

Milne is a true cunt. Among other things, he reckons the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby wasn’t actually a terrorist act, because he was a serving soldier who’d fought in Afghanistan. So basically, in Milne’s warped mind, Lee Rigby got what was coming to him. Oh how I would love to meet this cunt in the street.

You can research this sack of bollocks for yourselves. I’m off to shag my wife.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Jeremy Corbyn [4]


Only last week, that wretched sack of shit, Corbyn, announced that he thought it was time to negotiate with ISIS. Yeah right, because negotiating with islamic psychopaths always works well. Corbyn is an idiot. This is someone who thinks we should follow the example of Costa Rica and disband our armed forces.

Obviously, that would work well, because all those Irish republicans and muslim mentalists would not in any way seek to take advantage of our sudden inability to defend ourselves. Countries like Russia would also not seek to take advantage of us not having so much as a catapult with which to fight enemies.

Then of course there he was his dipshit announcement that he was unhappy with the thought of British police using lethal force against ISIS terrorists during an attack in the UK. He’s also announced his opposition to bombing the shit out of ISIS in Syria. This is, apparently, at odds with the general public. According to a survey by one of the major polling firms, a majority of the British public are now in favour not only of dropping large amounts very heavy ordnance on the medieval motherfuckers, but also of sending troops. Well, I’ve already been there and done that, so it’s some other fucker’s turn.

Corbyn, putting it politely, is a knob. Moreover, he’s a dangerous knob. Most people think he doesn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of becoming PM, but I beg to differ. It’s UNLIKELY that hell get into No 10, but it’s not impossible. And if he does, say goodbye to the United Kingdom.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw

John McDonnell [2]


Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell (yes, that really is him in the photo), is a pissant of the first water!

The uneconomic cunt bangs on for weeks about the poor downtrodden working man being screwed by the wicked Tories cutting tax credits. Osborne does a U-turn and scraps the cuts and what does McDonnell say?

Does he say “Well done, Chancellor. Thank for listening”? Does he fuck! He quotes Chairman Mao, throws a little red book at Osborne and the accuses him of backtracking on his plans to cut the deficit.

What a total, complete absolute fucking cunt the man is!

Noninated by: Dioclese