Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn is a massive cunt whose cunting is way overdue.

This scruffy looking left wing tosser is pretty much the reincarnation of Michael Foot except he isn`t even as amusing. He refers to Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends” but when asked about this dismisses it as tabloid journalism. Well OK if another politician described Nick Griffin as a friend in a non-literal sense would he just dismiss it or organize a protest and denounce them?

He also invited IRA representatives to parliament and described Ed Milliband as being not left wing enough and blamed that on Labour`s massive defeat.Interesting so the country votes for a white wing party because the left isn`t left enough. If that were true people on mass would have voted for the greens or Socialist Labour party or TUSC but no they primarily voted for the Tories.

Mr Corbyn also said that we need to make life easier for migrants and in a discussion about the bastard leeches jumping on Ferries said these people offer a lot to our country. So what is that the inability to speak the language and thus be unfit for work. Great contribution right there (cough). He is I suppose more able to stick to his principles than other members of his delightful party by divorcing his wife for sending his son to a private school despite the fact that the state school there was a shithole. Admirable in a sense perhaps but any cunt who puts his own beliefs over the welfare of his family is a grade A cunt and is almost certain to do the same to the Country.

At least though if this cunt is elected the Labour party may well be the next winning Deadpool entry for this site .

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

MP for the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Islington.

“Working for you”? Don’t make me laugh!
Bought and paid for by Len McCluskey – an even bigger cunt than Corben.

Fucking says it all, doesn’t it?

Nominated by: Dioclese

Labour supporters

Labour Party leader Ed Miliband is congratulated by supporters in Birmingham
Based on their behaviour both during and after the election campaign I would like to nominate labour supporters for a damn good cunting!

These utter cunt fucks just like all politicians in that shit house of a party they follow are a bunch of hypocritical cretonious pig fucks! For years these cunts and their chosen party have preached not to judge other people according to their skin colour, sexual orientation, or anything that characterises an individual and for the most part this is as it should be in a modern, progressive forward thinking society.

Yet these cunts conveniently over look this self righteous attitude and judge your average Tory supporter to be white, rich, nasty, middle, class, corporate, Tory scum and so on. Well I can that fucking narrow minded as well and stereotype labour supporters to be welfare sponging, social house hogging, bone idle cunt bastards who like nothing more than to sit around watching Jeremy kyle while breeding more utter cunt bastards to enjoy a prosperous life stuffing themselves with my hard earned tax money.

Its hardly surprising that with this attitude towards Tory supporters that many lied to the pollsters only to come out of the woodwork on election day and give you cunts the right royal cunting you deserve!


Nominated by : Wibble Wobble