Michael Moore [4]

I see American motormouth Micheal Moore has been giving his opinion on brexit? As you can imagine it wasn’t a positive one, infact he said that we should ” enjoy our miserable life on our island” ?? Charming!, so I say ” enjoy your early heart attack you lard arsed fat cunt American gobshite!!” …….

Nominated by Quislings

Jeremy Corbyn [7]

I’ve read and heard a lot of people have been saying, “Corbyn is a man of principles.” I disagree.

He voted to NOT join the E.E.C. in the 70s; he voted AGAINST Maastricht; however when it came to the big one last year, the dozy bell-end towed the (Tory) party line, consequently both going against his “principles” as well as choosing the wrong side.

Furthermore, where were his “principles” during that whole train debacle? What an embarrassingly monumental turd he looked, despite the fact it was engineered by Richard “Atlantic-sized cunt” Branson.

All politicians are vile, foul, power-seeking liars. I like Mark Twain’s quote about giving the power to the person who wants it the least. Nonetheless, this time I’ll vote to whoever delivers Brexit the fucking quickest.

Nominated by captain Magnanimous

Non-English speakers


Cunts who don’t or won’t speak English are cunts who deserve a good cunting. What the fuck is their problem?

I’m not just talking about immigrants to UK, I’m talking about every fucker on the planet. Get with the program you stupid wog fuckers, English is the world language. Its the most used language on the planet by a very long way and if you want to have a voice in the world you have to speak English.

Worst is Johnny Foreigner who refuses to speak English even when you know very well that they can, the cheese eating surrender monkeys are particularly guilty of this, the dagos are too.

Nominated by: Fat Rich

Romanian migrants


I would Like to Cunt Romanians, or Romaniacs as they should be known.

I have had a family move in next door. The Kids are nice but the parents? They are loud (hear the Cunts through the walls) and antisocial. I am sure the Father is a thieving Cunt as they have loads of wires in the back garden which appeared over time. I saw one of the elder Kids peeling them to get the copper or whatever the fuck metal it is.

Now don’t get me wrong I am partial to a bit of Romanian, (Had a fling with a sexy Hotel worker in Cyprus) and generally the women are nice but a lot of the new arrivals here seem like Cunts. My neighbours don’t seem to work, live in a two bedroom house with 5 kids, I wonder who the fuck pays for it all? Ridiculous.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

Student results reporting


Newspaper picture editors who illustrate A Level Results Day with the SAME fucking photograph every single year are cunts.

Three or four blonde girls (invariably called Millie, Tilly and Lily) either hugging each other or jumping up in the air clutching their envelopes.

Come on you fucking cunts, show some originality – it’s not only posh blonde girls who take A levels!

Nominated by: Fred West