Michael Moore [4]

I see American motormouth Micheal Moore has been giving his opinion on brexit? As you can imagine it wasn’t a positive one, infact he said that we should ” enjoy our miserable life on our island” ?? Charming!, so I say ” enjoy your early heart attack you lard arsed fat cunt American gobshite!!” …….

Nominated by Quislings

Josie Long

Josie Long is an archetypal cunt symptomatic of everything shite in today`s society.I confess I only knew the bitches name and that she was a comedian but all female comedians of a certain age group all fucking morph into one amalgomous glob of utter shite to me!Anyway I saw on my Facebook timeline a video of her with purple hair looking like she hasn`t slept or washed in days entitled “Are white people doing enough to stop white terrorism”.I honestly did not even need to watch the video as it was so predictable that I could tell she was going to slag off the right defends Muslims gloss over Muslim terrorist attacks invoke Hitler blame “toxic masculinity” and speak in a slow sarcastic mockney voice… and guess what I was absolutely fucking spot on.Apparently Mssss Long is more worried about far right terrorism than Islamic terrorism which is logically insane as hundreds have lost their lives to Islamist terror attacks this year but the so called “far right” is only responsible for one death in this country this year and the victim was Muslim so how you deduce your conclusions must be through the prism of sticking a pair of scissors into your ear hole so far that it digs into your brain! She also said that we tend to equate white terror attacks to lone wolfs…well the guy behind the Finsbry Mosque and Tommy Mair had no known current connections to a wider network of extremists.So what the fuck else do you label them as in that case? Muslim terrorists on the other hand have nearly been part of a wider network.This isn`t a right wing conspiracy :It is fact.She said she felt angry about Finsbury Mosque but sad after the Manchester bombings.Just like Comrade Corbyn (Who she is a massive fan of shockingly) she only shows her disgust and emotion at terror attacks one the person is brown. Long is also going on about how she is newly single.Is it any wonder you were dumped though love?You look like a typical feminist gender studies tumblr retard who smells of b.o and cheap weed and that hasn`t used a comb since she was 6 years old.What pisses me off about her ilk and by that I mean Oxford-educated self-proclaimed comediennes who look like bull dykes/gender studies professors and momentum activists is this: They are so predictable it is spooky.Upon googling this cunt I found an article she did with the evening standard that started “Josie Long explains why she’s making a show about optimism after …” and without even opening it I guessed the next word was Brexit and yes it was.These people are so dense due to society dumbing down and not encouraging independent thought meaning that misfits try and join a counterculture by becoming part of the cultural mainstream of the last 40 years and they don`t even possess the analytical skill of self-awareness and reflection to realize the hilariously retarded contradiction that is their very existence!

I am not going to slag her off as a comedienne because I don`t recall seeing any of her material although I am sure I briefly have at some point watched a segment of her on Live at the Apollo then turned it over after losing the will to live.But typing in Josie Long is a cunt into google lead to a stream of reviews featuring the words Josie Long and Cunt so I think it is safe to say she is probably as funny as pancreatic cancer a slipped disk and alzheimers combined.

In short Josie Long is a cunt who needs to drink a wet glass of cement!

Nominated by Shaun

#The ISAC general election game#

Dear Fellow Cunts/Cunters

Seeing as I will be up all night on Thursday despairing at the shitstorm that is modern British politics I thought I would host a game that exists purely to help facilitate further joy at MP`s losing their seats.Pick 50 names of MP`s who had a seat when Parliament was dissolved and are fighting to keep that seat in the comments below and the cunt who correctly has the most MP`s lose their seats wins.

Will anyone predict the Portillo or Balls moment that perfectly encapsulates the political downfall of a so called rising star?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_Kingdom_MPs_by_seniority,_2015%E2%80%9317 :Here is a list of current MP`s by seniority in case you can`t be arsed to look.

You can put as much or as little effort in as you want but get 50 names of current MP`s you either think or want to lose their seats by Thursday at 22:00.No entries after this.
I will put a master list up after the deadline by editing this post.That way we won`t get lost and can come back to this thread for fast pace cunting of events as they unfold.

-Entries must be in by 22;00 on Thursday 8th June
-No entries or changes count after that
-You can pick up to 50 names
-The cunt who has the most amount of MP`s on their lost that lose their seat wins.
-Cunts that have been in parliament and are fighting again e.g Vince Cable Simon Hughes George Galloway Esther McVey Julian Huppert etc can not be picked as they dont have a seat to lose technically.
-Sinn Fein MP`s count.
-Best of British luck.


Kate Smurthwaite [2]

Kate Smurthwaite, Nick Cohen

Kate Smurthwaite is a unfunny feminist cunt who has a sense of huge entitlement and is the archetypal rude aggressive dismissive patronising BBC liberal elitist harpy who gives feminists the labels they get. But of course that is mens fault for not wanting to tolerate being walked over by women!

Anyhow I had the misfortune of reading an article she put in a near Trotskyite magazine called the new Internationalist entitled “Doing grief properly”. First of all the assertion that there is a right way for someone to grieve is entirely subjective therefore indicating this article is not going to be based on logic. Well guess what? It isn`t. She basically complains about having to stop during her aerobics class for a minutes silence in the wake of the Paris attacks. Look most of the country participated out of common decency and really is taking one minute out of your day to acknowledge a dark moment in the continents history really so cataclysmic or taxing?

Well, according to her, it is hypocritical and symptomatic of a media “whitewash” which means that as a society we put more emphasis on what happened in France than we would if it was in Africa! Well no shit Sherlock. If a tragedy happens nearer to you especially when you are acutely aware that you are at the same level of risk it is going to affect you more. If say you live on a street and someone the other side whom you do not know gets shot dead it is tragic yes but if there is no threat of you being similarly targeted you will pay less attention to the event.

If, however, your next door neighbour who you knew for some time was shot dead by a group threatening your family also it would be big news to you! But no it is this theory that we value people purely on race and ethnicity .Well what about the Muslim police officer who got shot during the Charlie Hebdo attacks? Are you saying that we weren`t doing the minute silence for him last time there was a minute`s silence in January.

And were all the victims of the Paris November attacks white – because I highly doubt it? Because that is what she is suggesting.

I will finish this rant by a quote about what we should do instead of observing silence for the victims of terrorism according to this harpie cunt:

Instead let`s tear the “defence” industry down brick by brick.Let`s chase down every hypocritical politician and demand they answer our questions and face the truth.Let`s chain ourselves to every set of railings,blockade every weapons convoy,disrupt every arms fair.And demand every innocent family fleeing war and violence is welcomed with open-human-arms and treated with respect

She also described the minutes silence as indicative of something “being pathologically wrong with you” if you only do that and not follow her advice as stated above.

What a sanctimonious delusional cunt. Let us grieve for victims of terrorism by getting rid of our defences and allowing anyone into this country some of whom may well be terrorists causing more innocent civilian deaths on our street. Fucking hell. Where her parents brother and sister???

I think we can all agree that she is one of the biggest cunts with a media profile. She claims people don`t find her funny because she is a woman. No dear it is because you are as funny as a burst colostomy bag on a 24 hour flight not because you have a vagina.

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

Jeremy Corbyn [2]


I think it is possible the Bishop Corbyn might have elements of cuntishness, due to the fact that every night he gets into a Tardis and time travels back to 1980.

He feels safer there… he can assume that all the social experiments that are yet to be imposed upon us by the Marxist dictatorship… will work out fine… But when he gets back in his Tardis and ends up here and now, he realizes that Marxist idealism and halo-polishing dictators are nowt but scoundrals…

He’s been too-ing and fro-ing for a while now, and in the end he took advice from Peter Hitchens… which scared the bejuzzes out of him.. so he changed his first name to Bishop… Thus, it is with all the confusion and pomp of the Church of England’s outrage, that I nominate Bishop Corbyn to assume the mantle of the c word.

I thank you…

Nominated by: Robin Brunskill