Lana Del Rey [2]

Lana Del Rey is a great big double cunt…
Lana Del Rey is a double cunt….


Now, this screeching harridan is irritating enough at the best of times, but it turns out she is yet another ‘Democrat’ celebrinazi trollop in the same mold as Skanklett Johansscunt, Todger Gaga, Devil Streep, and now Titless Swift… We all know that Kanye West is a whopper of a cunt, but ‘Lana’ has it in for Old ‘Ye’ because he has shown support for Big Don as President… So, she hates him basically because he has dared to have a different opinion to her’s and he doesn’t agree with Del Rey about her precious Kilary… Classic progressive snowflake fascism… Anyone who disagrees is Hitler and no one – and I mean no one – is allowed to like Trump or go against their doctrine… Not unlike British celebricunts who automatically dislike and dismiss anyone who even questions migration and supports Brexit (Lineker, Fanny Izzard, Cuntberbatch, Lily Mong etc), cunts like Del Rey hate others simply for having an opinion and disagreeing with them… Mussolini was good at that too….


Lana Del Cunt has also gained more publicity by being filmed in a simulated rape video…
This was not a video connected to any song, nor was it an acting part in a film or TV series…This daft slag is just trying to be pretentious and ‘controversial’ by filming her sick little fantasy games… I wonder what genuine rape victims think of this self indulgent slag? Who the fuck does this cunt think she is?! A disgusting bitch, I hear you say… But there has been little to no response from the Me Too witches guild and social media mob…. But had a famous male singer done the same thing they’d be lighting the fire under him within minutes… James Franco was hauled over the coals and frozen out of the Oscars for a couple of still unsubstantiated rumours and twitter cat calls (see you, Skank-Jo, you fucking vindictive cunt!)… But Lana Del Rey(p) does something that’s thoroughly self indulgent and sick and it’s ’empowering’ and the fuckers don’t bat an eyelid because she’s a woman… Me Too is a selective virtue signaling self serving misandrist snakepit, and ‘Lana’ is a pure cunt with her rape games and attention whoring….

Oh yeah, her dreadful music, her crappy stage name, and her Wacko Jacko nose are shit too… The fake cunt….

Nominated by Norman

Lana Del Rey


I used to think that Leonard Cohen recorded the ultimate songs to slit your throat to until I listened to ‘Ultraviolence’, the current album from American singer songwriter Elizabeth Woolridge Grant – better known as Lana Del Rey.

Now I like music and like to pride myself as being able to listen to anything that is well done even if it’s not to my taste. I like punk, heavy metal, rock, folk, opera, pop. I can even listen to U2 (who I hate), James Taylor, Pavarotti, the Beatles and fuck knows what else, but I failed trying to listen to this crock of shite.

As far as I can see, Lana is trying to jump on the Kate Bush revival bandwagon with this offering and failing dismally. She whines on – and I do mean whines – in an unintelligible mumble that makes it impossible to make out more than the odd word here and there. The melodies are little more than dirges. I can’t comment on the lyrics because I can’t make them out, Honestly, I can’t – and I tried.

The album contains a parental advisory warning sticker for explicit lyrics but it’s completely unnecessary given her appalling diction and overechoed vocals.

I got to the fourth track before I couldn’t stand it any longer. It’s by far the worst music I’ve heard for years and, believe me, I’ve heard some dreadful shite. But at least I usually manage to get to the end of an album before I delete it. But not this time.

Nominated by: Dioclese