Justin Welby [8]

Justin Welby

Urgent repeat cunting required for scumbag Justin Welby, Cuntuar.

He has refused to apologise for smearing the late George Bell, Bishop of Chichester, as a paedophile.

It seems that there was never any serious evidence to back up allegations made almost 40 years after Bell’s death. And his 94-year old niece is still having to deal with Welby’s cuntitude.

The Christian community have, I feel, rightly accused Welby-Cuntuar as lacking in any Christian compassion.

I must be honest, and declare my own interests. I have always thought Welby to be an obnoxious, smug runt; out of the same warped mould as Miranda B. Liar. As someone pointed out, Bishop Bell’s war records were exemplary, helping many Jewish and child refugees; perhaps today’s tissue-paper sky-pilots are just about intelligent enough to realise that they are intellectual pygmies by comparison with Bell.

Nominated by HBelindaHubbard

Justin Welby [7]

Snowflakes beware because I want to offer a Holy cunting to the Archbishop of Cunterbury Justin Welby. Obviously hoping to take over the position previously occupied by the Revd Tony Blair, he had this to say of the EU yesterday:

The EU is the greatest dream realised for human beings since the fall of the Western Roman Empire”….bought peace, prosperity, compassion for the poor and weak, purpose for the aspirational and hope for all it’s people”.

Crisply put, eh?

This lump of human excrement was at some time *something in the City* what a pity he doesn’t fuck off back to it, to brownose the likes of Mandelson and Osborne.

I know this will make this piss boil of several of us on ISAC, but he finished his sermon with strong words against:

….the rise of Euroscepticism ..the flames of which are fanned by ‘scare stories’ about migration and refugees”.

Where does this old motherfucker keep his brains? Presumably in the piss-stained Y-Fronts he changes once a month during Lent.

I wish this old cunt would join Gina fucking Miller, Mandy & Blair and the incontinent old fuckwit A.C. Grayling and go and live in Brussels and then shut the fuck up.

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

Just to show how out of touch Justin Welby is with reality, he has this to say about the EU and his precious failing church :

The fact that Christianity survived in Europe does not indicate that it is indestructible, but that God protects the Church that he created and loves” which clearly explains the falling congregations. He also seems not to understand that the “Church that God created” is based in Rome not Canterbury?

He added :

Europe, like other parts of the world, is in a fragile phase. Current geopolitical uncertainty is unsettling. In my part of the continent, there is a nation attempting to leave the EU, on the other edges of the EU such as here there are countries and peoples keen to get in.

Clearly he doesn’t understand that the nations trying to get in are there for the handouts and that the nations providing the handouts – like us – are the ones who have had enough?

And that we have had enough of him and his biased, pro-EU, political pronouncements. Fuck off back to your pulpit and preach to the converted – assuming you can find any.

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt

Justin Welby [6]


Jesus must have been otherwise occupied when the religion of peace was terminating an 82 year old priest giving a sermon.

Maybe he is now on a zero hours contract and didn’t get a shift today? Phillip Green, Mike Ashely and the Arch Bishop all would rather we believe the meek shall inherit the earth.

When Welby was raking it in in the oil industry did he give a fuck about the poor or the earth.

Time we had an Arch Bishop who told the truth.

God helps those who help themselves and the meek inherit fuck all.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

That cunt the archbishop of Canterbury has been at it again. Today the pathetic,creepy wanker announced that evil can be defeated through Jesus Christ.

I think that it might take something more than his whiney voice and imaginary friends in the sky to defeat a tooled-up psychopath looking to behead a geriatric priest. Take your cant, you delusional prick,and shove it up your arse. Just bend over and let the Prophets’ henchmen tickle your colon.

That old kiddie-fiddler apologist,the Pope, can do the same. Cunts,the lot of them.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

Justin Welby [5]

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That cunt the archbishop of Canterbury is now urging us to house Syrian refugees,however it must be self-contained and available for at least 12 months.

I asked Granny Fiddler if she fancied moving out of the granny-flat to make way for some peace-loving immigrants. Damn near finished the old trout off..started screaming about kiddie-fiddling sand niggers invading our green and pleasant land, and kicked my Afghan hound right up the arse.

I rang the good Archbishop to ask advice and he said to ”choke the racist old bag with a packet of Werther Originals” What a iobbie-jabbing,god-bothering true cunt.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

Justin Welby [4]


A very large proportion of religious people are the sneakiest, dishonest most hypocritical cunts you are likely to run into with Welby being no exception! The sneaky cunt soon turned his words around in an interview though. “Welby said he was certain, however, about the existence of Jesus, even talking about his presence beside him”. Which i’m sure was the sneaky cunts intention in the first place via his underhanded soundbite.

Hmmm – so Welby doubts the existence of god but he is certain about the existence of jesus….well as I remember it jesus was the son of god so if god doesn’t exist?…thick twat!

Have you seen what the sneaky christian cunts the church of England have been up to, trying to get their advert shown before the new Star Wars film in every cinema, their advert is a bunch of religious cunts in different scenarios trying not to look like nutjobs reciting the lords prayer!

Thankfully the cinemas have banned it. Then the sneaky cunt the bishop Cottrell said in displeasure about the ban but our advert was given a U rating so it obviously won’t offend anyone lol what about disgust, I’m not going to see the Star Wars film but if I did and they showed that nonsense fucking ad trying to brainwash decent people trying to scoff their M&MS, it would probably offend, annoy or disgust most of the people that aren’t religious, i’d sooner see another useless tampon ad with some fucking bint jumping around on a pogostick, cunts!

So what’s next, the fucking muslims firing in an ad with more religious nutters reciting some nonsense from the quran.


Nominated by: Pagliacci

Justin Welby…

Definitely a cunt at Christmas!

Nominated by: Dioclese