Jordan Worth (Because you are worth it!)

Please please please give this vile little cunt her day in the Sun as I can’t think of a more worthy disgusting foul cunt than this.

Mrs Worth has become the first woman to be sentenced for domestic abuse in the UK.

I’ve linked it so all can see the nature of this horrible disgusting slag who tortured and humiliated this lad all of his adult life so far and enjoying every moment of power.

Its women like her and my ex who need taking out of society to prevent anymore cases of this happening. No one has the right to do what she did to an animal let alone a person and get away with it. Hope she gets what deserves inside , but probably not because of pussy pass it is going to be the blokes fault somehow .

Nominated by The Sheriff of Cuntingham

Well cunted, Sheriff. Although my previous relationship never got to that stage I have been there myself with Mrs Benny MkII hence MkIII on the way, I can relate to this one.

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Being an ex soldier and a war veteran twice if I had of swung back at her I would have been the one going down, so I pulled the wood out the wall and walked away to a new life (I get to see my mates when I want and have a dog, all unthinkable before)

Nominated by Lord benny