James O’Brien (6)

I’d like to add my nomination to James ‘bog’ O’Brien as cunt of the year/decade/epoch.

I caught a whiff of his sanctimonious odour about a decade ago and like an idiot returning to a motorway toilet I caught the same smell when I tuned in recently. Brexit-hating is the turd he likes to roll about in and off he goes for three hours every bloody weekday morning, vilifying those who phone into his pathetic show if they happen to disagree with his blinkered Chiswick-based middle-class view of the world.

I would like to take him onto a parade ground and drill the bastard for three hours and knock some sense into his stupid hairy head. Whoever agreed to give him a contract at LBC needs their head looking at. Who is he supposed to appeal to? Stay-at-home mums, the elderly, angry jihadi-students and people whose lives don’t meet in the middle. At least he doesn’t have a prime-time slot and for that at least we should be grateful.

Nominated by Ben Philips.

James O’Brien (5)

Our fuzzy faced faux-friend of the people, James O’Blarney has excelled himself in maths post-budget.

Continuing his long running radio show, with a daily dose of Brexit bashing, he was left a bit confused how right-wing (doublespeak for ‘fascist’) press (aka Daily Fail, Torygraph etc) have forgiven the Chancellor Phil Hand-me-down for a past litany of political land mines. All because he set aside 3 billion squids for a Brexit ‘no deal’.

James doesn’t understand why this is a cause for celebration and said the following which I quote:

“What did Philip Hammond do yesterday to get right-wing newspapers onside?         Answer – he put aside £3bn for the possibility of a no deal Brexit, something upon which everybody with an informed opinion agrees is going to be a disaster.” 

He then went on to say…

You could today be forgiven for thinking that you’ve woken up in a parallel universe, £3bn.”

…and this further gem…

“You can stick this on a t-shirt if you want or even the side of a bus, why can’t we take the money that we’re spending on Brexit, and give it all to the NHS?”

Whoa …..hold yer horses Einstein O’Brien.  A £3 billion contingency cost plus WTO tariff rules if no deal is reached. According to the head of WTO is a 5 billion cost to UK exporters and 9 billion charged to importers. Net 4 billion ‘profit’ for the Treasury. Ignore the 9 billion since the Treasury will probably pay it back to consumers anyway. So that’s a cost of 3 billion contingency plus 5 billion to the exporters. A total cost of 8 billion to the Government. That sounds like a bargain  even if it ends up costing a few billion more than that. Better than the 40 to 100 billion the EU is currently demanding with menaces.

O’Blarney must have been in the retard (sorry..remedial) maths class at his private school if he thinks 40 billion plus pounds is a preferable option. Remember cunters, J.O.B is the one with an “informed opinion”.  However, contrary to his grandiose self belief, his nous is looking a bit tatty around the edges, in fact,  it looks positively threadbare like his barnet these days…all that head scratching post-Brexit maybe? Plebs, thickos, racists….voted leave….how?… why? …

He should be doing a little Oirish jig, since the country he claims to love, will be saved from any further rack and ruin by the Dick Turpins of the EU –  if Mavis May does not fold like a cheap suit – to their highway robbery.

Everyday, post-referendum has been an opportunity for him to pollute the airwaves, bitching like a two bob whore who got short-changed by a punter. In his ideological world, he’s still in his student days at the LSE debating society where if he repeated himself often enough he got to be have his way. He has honed that skill since those days to always having the last snidey word on the radio. All ‘”ifs” and “buts” interjected like rapid machine gun fire to cut down all dissenting callers voices. A smug, holier than thou, know it all.

On Brexit, the economic price is irrelevant to him, just so long as we stay a prize hostage to the bandits of the corrupt EU. As for living in a parallel universe, he is firmly stuck in a Noel Edmond’s-esque world where any ‘Deal’ is better than ‘No deal’, even if the box Britain gets handed by the EU bankers at the end is as empty as Junker the drunker’s wine cellar after he has pulled an all nighter.

O’Blarney’s   ‘informed opinion’ …fuck it….who needs it?

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

James O’Brien (4)

London’s Biggest Cunt, James O’Blarney Bullshitter, is overdue for another front page.

Whenever, a peaceful comes on the line, on his show, he oozes so much empathy, I am starting to wonder whether he has switched teams. Running straight down to the Chiswick mosque, after his Friday morning show?

A little bit of advice James:  I don’t think you should take your missus’ yoga mat with you, so best take the rolled up doormat with you under your arm. Make sure you pray towards the East. In case you’re not sure, that would be White City. I realise that’s a bit downmarket for you, but then again, so is Mecca and I don’t mean the Bingo either. Remember, not to tell your priest about your conversion. Not that you’ll have to anymore, since you won’t need to go to confession. In fact, the more sins you commit – according to your favourite cult – the more points you pick up to get into their heaven. Points make prizes – with extra bonus points for atrocities commited against ‘infidels’.

On another point, whenever anyone who has suffered a disaster or had a crisis in their lives and phones in, he starts up his ‘Man of the People’ act with a large helping of faux sincerity. It is so transparent. Someone, please tell him, if he wants a career as an actor he needs to try harder. He will never win an Oscar at this rate.

Lastly, no one has to listen him, anymore, banging on about sharing a platform with ‘it’. The ‘it’, he was referrring to, being Katie Hopkins. For months he had taken sideswipes at her and Nigel of the Farage. Without doubt, highly unprofessional, and something I have never heard from any other presenters on LBC. I am amazed that the LBC management tolerate this type of behaviour. Perhaps, he has grown too big for his boots. He should remember, be nice to people on the way up, since you may meet them on the way down.

On 23rd May, he talked about walking away from the microphone in protest at Hopkins’ ill conceived tweet. He decided against this, because, as he said he ‘values his time with his listeners too much’. Oh really?…..No…..He values the pay cheque too much. He also cajoled his one million listeners to protest to the LBC management about her (deleted) tweet. Using his platform to assist in her sacking. What a steaming heap of sanctimonious bullshit from the Commander-in-Chief – of the peaceful propaganda arm – of the UK radio airwaves. I am sure in time, if he doesn’t land a full time role at the British Bullshit Corporation, he will be offered one by Al Jazeera, the Qatari State (royal family) funded, fake news and propaganda outlet.

I do hope he is reading this, so at least, he may pretend to be balanced and unbiased for a week or two, before reverting to type. Otherwise, no doubt, we will see his smug mug posted up here again very soon.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.




James O’Brien (3)

I would like to cunt London’s Biggest Cunt, James O’Brien at LBC radio.

Not content with attacking Brexiteers, his lips are flapping like a pair of pissflaps in the wind as he cries over the  ‘injustice’ of The Donald presidency. Making regular references to The Donald’s perceived sexism, yet he, as a supporter of the peaceful religion, conveniently overlooks their sexism and homophobia. He has also airbrushed over the behaviour of rapugees in Germany and Sweden, citing it as only a handful. Maybe,he is right, if each victim was the size of a grain of sand and the hand belonged to King Kong.

Another of his favourite pastimes, is that of talking down the British economy post referendum, despite the facts disproving his view. Another, is his likening Brexiteers to the electorate who voted for Trump; the usual racist, xenophobic, simpleton type analogies.

He even runs regular diatribes against Jeremy Corbyn. Love him or hate him at least the man has principles. So what exactly are Mr J.O.B’s politics? He hates the Tories, likewise UKIP; yet his preferred party of many moons ago, the LibDumbs, scored a huge own goal with tuition fees, thanks to Smeggy Cleggy. Finally, for him, the Labour Party is unelectable under Jezzah. Well, there is of course ‘a third way’. He is an identikit fit for B.Liar and Co supporters. Although he has not said it out loud, his meejah career, private school educated, Chiswick residing background, marks him as archetypal New Labour. Hence, his desire to see Jezzah given the Spanish Archer.

He really should take a look in the mirror – although he is so fugly – and reflect on his beardy mouthed bullshit. We are fed up being preached to by self-congratulatory champagne pseudo-socialists.

Our twatty friend sums up all that is wrong with today’s pseudo-socialists. They spout their so called liberal view of the world but in reality represent a neo-fascist form of politics. He fawns sycophantically over those callers who agree with him. Meanwhile, cutting airtime, talking over and putting down all those that disagree with him. Some other presenters on LBC may hold similar views but at least have the decency to hear out their callers.

He even has taken to attacking his fellow presenters, Katie Hopkins and Nigel of the Farage. Disgusted at having to share the same studio as them. Perhaps he is worried they will gain listeners at his expense?

In case, anyone from LBC management is reading this and wonders why I listen to his programme, well, these days I only do for few minutes at a time. Not enough to hear the advertisements that pay his wages, so please bear this in mind before considering renewing his contract.

His own TV debut talk show on ITV in 2015 lasted all of 5 minutes for a reason. The reviews were hardly congratulatory. If he carries on like this, his radio days will be numbered too. Although, perhaps he has a great future with the British Bullshit Corporation, at Newsnight, as his heavily biased opinions align so closely with theirs.

Nominated by Mike Oxard.

James O’Brien


LBC (London’s Biggest Cunt) James O’Brien is an arrogant, minority loving cunt.

Nobody likes the sound of this pontificating obnoxious weed of a cunt as much as he himself. The ugly gnome faced cunt fawns at the feet of every ethnic caller regardless of how stupid they sound or how redundant their point might be, yet the pretentious fuck can’t wait to pour shit on the concerns or opinions of indigenous Brits – particularly with regard to immigration or the EU.

This know-all cunt thinks he’s an intellectual giant, but he is nothing more than a deluded libtard bully who verbals anyone not in agreement with his own world view. In fact, this cunt is so far up his own arse that his enormous plate-sized cunt of a forehead manages to completely disappear several times a day.

Ethnic caller : “it not fair, racism, racism, religion of peace, racism, it’s not fair”
O’Brien : “I know mate, it’s terrible… Please continue for another 5 mins, I’ll only interrupt to praise you and crawl at your feet”

White van man : “all I’m sayin is that we need to secure the borders and introduce a tighter immigration system like Australia” (caller abruptly cut short)
O’Brien “But why? Are you a racist? You need to take a look at yourself, mate. Immigration is great, why are you so full of hate? Answer the question…. Answer the question… (hangs up on caller) There we have it listeners another irrational UKIP voter”

* it should be noted that the cunt lives in an almost exclusively non-ethnically-enriched part of London

Nominated by : Alf Garnet