Paul McCartney (8) and James Cordon (10)

Double cunt overload… Paul McCartney and James Corden…

We all know about Fab ‘I love Kilary Clinton, I belittled and bossed around George Harrison, and did I tell you for the umpteenth time I was John Lennon’s mate?’ Macca, and Corden is also a colossal cunt… That Karaoke Carpool thing was the biggest pile of contrived and arselciking shite…

I always disliked Corden and I hate him even more now… The talentless lardarse was so sycophantic, especially when McCartney told the ‘Let It Be’ story for the 5000th time and Corden gushes “That the most beautiful story I’ve heard”…. What a Total arselicker…. The first scenes with the jukebox were totally staged …–One of the ‘customers’ was a bodyguard… A mate of mine was in there last week and he spoke to the staff….. The audience who run through the doors later were given tickets for the gig…

What a load of bullshit and what a pair of cunts…

Nominated by Norman

James Corden [7]

You can’t let that fat cunt Corden get away without an RV sized cunting after the Grammys last week.

He’s got more chins than a Chinese telephone book, strains the strength of the cotton holding on his shirt buttons to the limit and proves that, even if you’ve got no talent, there’s space for you on the TV (Although you need a giant screen for this porker)

It’s a fucking mystery to me how they haven’t given him the chop like they did with that other arsehole Morgan ( but at least Morgan is smart). The only reason I can think of is that he’s got some very valuable videos, in a secure safe, of the big shots ordering their assistants ( male or female) to give them a blow job.

On the positive side he gives hope to all the bingo callers at the Saturday Night Legion shows. Truly a mistake in the cosmos of things

Nominated by Paul Ya Plonker

Hosted by James Cordon (non-US citizen, like John Oliver, Travor Noah, Samantha Bee, Lorne Michaels…) somehow bestowed with permanent green card, welcomed to prosper in the U.S., having been ignored in his own country (where he could not make a penny) due to his own lack of talent.

Being preach to by Bono about Dreamers (criminal trespassers) in a country he is not a citizen of.

Why the CDC allows The Edge to enter since the 80’s I’ll never understand. This morning the self absorbed delusion is always forever. Lowest rating ever? Nah…Not in James’ mind

Nominated by Grammys top cunt

James Corden [6]


Why does it always turn into a competition of who can grieve the most in public? He’s acting…he’s got to be acting. He sounds like a lost little boy. It’s sad, it’s fucking tragic…I feel terrible for people involved…but come on! All this bullshit about ‘community’ and ‘spirit’. Fucks sake! This is a city of millions. Tramps, junkies, footballers, bankers, every ethnicity under the sun. There’s a load of good people and a tonne of cunts too.

Still, I guess the media machine has done its job. Someone blows up a bunch of innocent kids in the name of fuck knows who…and I’m angry at Corden.

Blame averted!

Nominated by Total Crank

James Corden (5)

I’d like to nominate that fat cunt James Cordon for a cunting. How did he get an OBE? Services to drama? My eye. He’s only done a failed sketch show, voice overs for cartoons and a bunch of adverts. Horne and Cordon was utter shite.

He’s a fat, indolent, toss pot who doesn’t really have any talent as a comedian or actor. How can use actors like him? The insurers they pimp probably don’t cover actors or lard arses. I think he should work in a chip shop.

Nominated by Anton Pillar.

Hang on there’s a steward’s enquiry out on the COTY result!

This just in from the Fox News desk.

“And on Tucker Carlson Tonight – the *only* non-libtard news show in the world currently – we’re pleased to have that limey fat cunt James Corden on our show after these announcements…

“Hi James. Great to have you on the show.”

“Hi Tucker, thanks for having me.”

“So James why aren’t you in some libtard march right now on Regents Street in London or moaning about anything Trump does or says, or – in a lot of cases doesn’t say – in New York?”

“Well Tucker I am actually in London, and I am here because I truly thought I’d been nominated for the ISAC Award of 2016.”

“And to explain – to those unfamiliar with ISAC – that’s the ‘Is A Cunt’ Award right?”

“Yeah that’s it. I mean for most of the year I have been laying the groundwork for being the biggest cunt of the year both here in the UK with my League of Their Own dross and over there in the states with my totally unfunny Late Show but – the clincher I thought – Carpool Karaoke. I mean how much more of a cunt can I be!?! I have no redeeming features, I’m unfunny and I make mates in order to further my own career. Well if that’s not the embodiment of being a cunt then I don’t know what is.”

“Well James you’re certainly leaning against an open door as far as Fox is concerned. So who actually won it this year?”

“Tim Farron.”


“Exactly! He’s the leader of a political party in the UK right now but no one knows who he is! He even had to wear blackface, white lipstick and a straw boater just to receive the award!”

“Hmmm, well we had a President do that same thing 8yrs ago James so I guess this guy must be a cunt as well?”

“Oh yeah deffo is…just not as much of a cunt as I am Tucker!”

“Ok well thanks for your time James, appreciated. Next on Tucker Carlson Tonight: did Hillary get her pissflap augmentation operation done free of charge courtesy of ObamaCare? After these messages…

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

James Corden [4]


James Corden is such an omnipotent cunt.
He is like Chris Evans on steroids (or pies).

Hardly breaking news, but the cunt was just on TV in yet another cash cow advert, so I had to vent. Sorry to anyone who had managed to forget the cunt for ten seconds, but I didn’t want to suffer alone. I hope his meltdown is near, and when it happens, it’s public, messy, and with an air of finality to it.

Flavour of the month cunt, and the flavour is stale piss on an electric heater element. Please fuck off, you fat twat.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye