Fireman Sam


An episode of Fireman Sam has been withdrawn after an “error” which led to a depiction of the Koran being shown.

A scene in the children’s programme shows a fireman slipping on a pile of papers – and as they fly into the air a page from the Koran is “briefly depicted”, production firm Mattel said.

The episode was first broadcast in October 2014 on Channel 5 but the error has only recently been spotted. Mattel apologised and said it did not believe it was done “maliciously”.

I shit you not, this is taken from an actual article on the BBC. Questions must be asked :

    Is fireman Sam being radicalised?
    Was this a subliminal plant by the Prophet?
    Is the fictional firestation in Rotherham?
    If the Koran is so holy that no one can see it how do people fucking read it?
    Is someone having a fucking laugh?


Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

It would appear even Fireman Sam can upset the smelly goat worriers. Apparently a page of their fantasy tale book got shown on the show, promoting outrage .

Shame the same ‘outrage’ doesn’t happen when their fucking nutjob suicide mates decide to go out killing people. Funnily enough there’s never a peep from the Muslim Council then.


Nominated by: Mr Sausage

Islamic jihad

I think the religion of peace needs an emergency cunting. I probably don’t need to say much more than that after what happened in Nice last night.

Luckily the Jihadi did it before Friday prayers so the brothers can have a good chuckle about it together. I wish I could see the shock on his face as he’s introduced to the promised virgins just to see that they’re all male.

It’s about time the gloves were taken off and these fuckers were dealt with properly.

Nominated by: Dirk Snasgood

Liberal Moslem Apologists

8 obama vs muhammad terror meme

Liberal Moslem Apologists are absolute Cunts recently another mass shooting in the states by another religion of peace poster boy killing 50 poofs at a gay pub in Orlando,FL.

How is the lib media going to spin this one I wonder?

It is unspinnable! I just can’t wait to see them try.

I can’t wait to see the BBC or Channel 4 stuttering, trying to explain that Moslems don’t really hate homos and this is all somehow the fault of White people or anti-immigrationers. That’s the end of the politically correct narrative right there folks. Omar Mateen, an Afghani haji(migrant), just secured the election for Trump by carrying out the most deadly terrorist attack in America since 9/11.

Samuel Jackson said he hoped the San Bernardino Shooters were White. Well the liberal media was hoping the same for this attack. I hope you enjoy the hell out of those 72 virgins Omar. You deserved it mate!

Update: ISIS just took responsibility for the attack this just keeps getting better LOL

Nominated by: Titslapper

Islam [3]


Any fucker who believes in an all seeing, all knowing diety is a cunt.

Whatever your religion, you’re a deluded cunt and you need professional help.

Currently sitting at number one in the deluded thick cunt chart are the Muslims (not arf)
Any cunt who wants to wear a bin bag and a welders mask or spend Friday afternoon rubbing their face into a hairy carpet clearly needs a reboot.

Any cunt accepting the waffle of a so called prophet who gives the thumbs up to fucking nine year olds needs to be investigated by the police and social services.

Based on that fact any cunt who thinks an act of martyrdom will grant them access to seventy two virgins should expect seventy two 8 year olds.

We know not all Muslims are terrorists but whenever atrocities such as 7/7, Paris and Brussels happen, the Muslim Imam wheeled out by the media always avoids answering the direct question as to whether or not he condemns these events.

Until every Muslim in Britian displays a “not in my name” banner in there front room window I’m giving these cunts a wide berth.

Nominated by: JR Cuntley