Islam [3]

has Islam ever actually been cunted on here ? it really is the biggest pile of shite you’ll ever come across. anybody read the Quran?, fuck me, theres a few good bits in it but if not exhorting violence its talking total bollocks about scientific matters. a big percentage of it is total gibberish. far from the being ‘divine’, ‘ the Word of God ‘, it’s displays precisely the knowledge you’d expect a 7thC goatherder to know, strange that. and as to fuckin MO,, he was simply a war mongering, child raping fuckin bonkers lunatic, i actually think most Muslims haven’t got a clue about whats in the so called ‘ glorious ‘ Quran or what an odious cunt Mo was. they can’t have can they?

Nominated by Richard1


I’ve noticed that Allah has never been cunted on this site. Is he out of bounds then? If not, then has there ever been a more appropriate moment to cuntify the biggest villain of all sky fairies and his demented followers who take offence to everything and show responsibility for nothing?

By ‘never a more appropriate time’ I do of course mean with the exception of the Lee Rigby attack in May 2013, the Westminster attack in March 2017, the London Bombings in July 2005, the rape of over a thousand children across the last decade and the dozens of other ‘lesser’ assaults and savagery we have had to endure at the hands of the media’s most favoured religion.

As Voltaire once said “”To learn who rules over you, pay attention to those you cant criticize.” And as Allah said in response: “Kill the filthy Infidel, kill, kill, kill!”

Nominated by Megacunt

Turkey (2)

A cunting for Turks please.

The Dutch government doesn’t want the Turkish minister entering Holland to stir up the immigrant Turks regarding Turkish domestic politics. Fair enough in my eyes. Now the Turkish immigrants are protesting in the usual peaceful manner associated with peaceful people, this peaceful protest has required the Dutch police to deploy water cannons to control the very peaceful protest.

Holland, do the best thing you can for your people. Tell these cunts if they want to engage in Turkey’s domestic political process TO FUCK OFF HOME.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit.

Nice of Erdogan to show his hand early like the Naive Cunt he is… Ataturk would have had the cunt for breakfast, he ( Ataturk ) actually tried to drag the whole crippled bag of shit into the 20th Century… he must be spinning in his grave,

He liberated Izmir in the Greek War (1922) and walked into the Central Hotel Bar and asked for a drink. The Barman, assuming him an islamist, informed him the bar was shut out of “respect”.

Ataturk responded that the bar was now open and serve him a drink. Oddly enough, double Highball, shaken not stirred, promptly slides over the bar.

You’re a medieval Cunt Erdogan.

Nominated by Jochen Peiper.


Bradford, 2016

I would like to cunt immigration. How long can we carry on like this? 660,000 arrived here in the last year! The net figure is 330,000 when you take into account the number emigrating. It would be interesting to know the make up of the people emigrating.

If the majority are the indigenous population then the make up of the population is being changed rapidly beyond recognition.Some would no doubt say’ what does it matter?’ People are people but what are we losing? We are becoming something different and it is being imposed on us.

It was all summed up by Gordon Brown when he called that woman a bigot because she didn’t like the way her neighbourhood was changing before her eyes. She wasn’t, her concerns were legitimate and Gordon Brown was an out of touch cunt.

Nominated by: Richard 1

Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s mother


OSU terrorist’s mother deserves a immediate cunting – She recently said “I love you my son. I know they kill you for no reason” at his burial. No No, No you stupid cunt! they did kill him for a reason.

To bring cunters up to speed he ran over 10 people and started stabbing the injured on the ground with a butchers knife every liberal snowflake mag in the country is shielding him like a innocent baby. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think running over 10 people and then stabbing them is a very good reason to kill your stupid ratfaced son you cunt deport her trump she has to go back!

Artan added that he was scared about other people’s opinions of him because of what he perceived to be negative portrayal of Muslims in the media, and criticized President-elect Donald Trump for not being “educated on Islam”. Well all I know is when other people don’t agree with me the only course of action is to run over them & stab them only seems logical right cunters? what better way to get educated on islam?!

They aren’t sending their best & brightest folks, they just aren’t” -Trump 2016

Nominated by: Titslapper