The robot


I fucking hate that cunt of a robot that’s in those adverts….

That irritating little fucker that sounds like a Daft Punk record (ie: nauseatingly shite!)…. Of course, loads of riff-raff and thick cunts think this thing is cute (see cunting of Meerkats)…

Personally I’d cover it in diesel and flick matches at it….

Nominated by: Norman

( and the little cunt is breeding!.. )

Cinema advertising


May I offer cinema adverts as a cause worth cunting?

I went to the pictures this afternoon and due to the misleading timing information provided by the good people at Vue, I had to sit through what seemed to be hours of cunting adverts. As I’m guessing that most people fast forward through adverts at home, I feel very irritated at being forced to sit through these before I could see the film I’d paid to watch.

And every advert was fucking wank. Without exception.

Nominated by: Guardian Hater

( Yes! You really can get a rivetting DVD of old Pearl & Dean cinema ads. It’s on my Christmas list! Ed. )



The “moderators” of MSM online comments are cunts, especially the Daily Mail and Express. Most of the comments contribute fuck-all or are factually wrong and get waved thru. If you go to the trouble of adding a reply/correction –

short intermission whilst I cunt that fat opera singer cunt for Go Compare who’s just appeared on the shit-box
– end of intermission –

and go to the trouble of including some links to show the facts you invariably get a “thanks for your comment – it is under review” and you never see the comment again. The Mail and Express did this to me earlier so I posted DM/DE ISAC and they appeared straight away – obviously the cunts have no sense of irony.

Nominated by: Mary Hinge-Frottom



I bloody hate hashtags, another tool of the feminist devil and the PC thought police.

Nothing good has came out of Twatter or Fumbler.

Now excuse me gents as I have day filled with Hashish, Fart Porn, Video Games and Music. You raping bastards will never understand how difficult my life is.

Nominated by: Titslapper