Rolf Harris [3]


This an emergency cunting of Rolf Harris following his conviction on TWELVE counts of kiddy-fiddling.

We all know Harris did “Two Little Boys” in the 1960′s, but now it transpires the cunt also did two little girls in the 1970′s…

Not only a lying nonce, but a fucking Australian to boot. Behead the cunt immediately.

Nominated by : Fred West

Now we all know what his ‘extra leg (diddle diddle diddle dum)’ was… And I dread to think what he wanted to tie a kangaroo down (sport) for….

I always wondered why he made those funny panting noises he was so famous for… Dirty old Aussie cunt!

Nominated by : Norman Whiteside

Now we know what he made his didgerie do…

Nominated by : Dioclese

Justin Welby


The Archbishop of Canterbury is a cunt for interfering with matters that are no business of his i.e. Food banks etc.

If you give something away for nothing of course people will take it!

Nominated by: Steve

A cunt who lives in a grace and favour palace in London and swans around in silk and jewels has no place lecturing anybody about poverty.

You don’t know what poverty is, you cunt!

Nominated by: Pope Bendy Dick

The Arctic 30

30 arctic cunts

A complete bunch of cunts if ever there was one. A self-righteous gaggle of global warming bollocks believers, who expected the worst outcome of their little stunt to be a slap on the wrist, before swaggering home to the acclaim of their cunty mates.

Fucked up the intelligence assessment on this one a bit didn’t you cunts?! Turns out the Russians think global warming is bullshit, and don’t take too kindly to tree-hugging eco pirates trespassing on their kit. These cunts are now shivering in the corner of a grotty jail, praying that their cell-mate ‘Big Ivan’ doesn’t wake up and give them what for with his Stalin’s organ again.

Because these cunts were ‘there to represent us’, those cunts at Greenpeace now want everyone to bend over backwards lobbying the Ruskies to get these cunts out. Well I’ve got news for you cunts. You don’t represent me, you don’t speak for me, and you’re a sanctimonious bunch of martyrdom seeking, myth believing cunts!

I’m starting a petition to keep you cunts in jail.

Nominated by: The Large Visage

Mothers in law


My mother in law is a useless dodering playing for symapthy alcoholic TV hogging old cunt who stashes my booze away when she comes round with her fucking miserable cunt of a dog who marks my carpets with it fucking dirty feet and shits horredous ammounts of brown stinking excrement in my lovely garden.

So I give the four legged cunt a good kick when no ones looking.

“Don’t hang the washing out, I’ll fucking do it!!” I say as she makes a bee line for the washing machine.
Funny how she can work a fucking washing machine, but the shrivelled old grey cunt can’t operate a fucking TV set up and wants me to put on her blue rinse prime time cunt fest that is ‘Downton Abbey’ for fucks sake.

The cunt can’t cook either, “do you want to make dinner?” she asks, then adds “you’re the cook after all”

???? fucking radge old cunt. Fuck off!!

I am going to give in to the urge to push the old windbag down the stairs in the hope she’ll break her fucking neck in the fall thereby stopping her from using any more of my valuable oxygen.

Then the dog goes to the local abbatoir! Arf!

Nominated by: Hurling Dervish



What’s with these cunts?

Nothing better to do than to post shit comments on blogs just to piss off the author. I’ve had my share lately, and all I have to say is “Fuck the fucking fuck off, you fuckers!”

Definitely cunts.

Nominated by : Dioclese