Community speed watch


Now if anyone deserves a cunting it has to be those kind people with nothing better to do than harass the working community.

Lets take the most recent fatalities in my area, these were in fact Grey on Grey actions by the over 70’s in motor vehicles and did not involve speed just a blatant disregard for other road users, yet these are the same people who club together “for the good of the community” and stand by the road taking plates and sending out shity letters.

Cunts! We pay the police to do that shit!. More to the point we pay your pensions so fucking stop it! If you want to do something useful start litter picking expeditions or form euthanasia clubs and any way if you were so “up for it” where are you when it rains? Exactly half hearted busy bodies!

Nominated by: Lord Benny

I got a letter from one of these cunts. It went straight in the bin, although I did contemplate wiping my arse with it and sending it back!

Nominated by: Dioclese

The Electoral Reform Society


The Electoral Reform Society are a bunch of ineffective cunts.

Founded in 1884 (131 years ago) with an aim of replacing FPTP with Proportional Representation they have spectacularly failed. I’ve never seen them organise a petition to get rid of FPTP, but when a 16 year old “young lib-demmer” started a petition (getting nearly 1/2 a million signatures) they jumped on the bandwagon.

And I’ve not heard a peep out of them about Lords reform.


Nominated by: Frottom

Cameron, the Calais cunt [19]


Bugger me butler, getting reliable gen orn the Calais chaos is like trying to count paedos in Rotherham. Cameron and crew are all about laying smoke screens orf lies to obscure what is going orn from the British people. The best that me intelligence committee can make oit is this. Far more wog scum are fucking orf from frogland and getting over to dear old Blighty to claim benefits than is being let on and this has been going orn for months. Police chiefs various across the country are saying that they are seeing 500 extra or more orf said wog scum orn a daily basis. Confirmed by what les frogs are saying, 1500 – 2000 a night storming the tunnel a day who then vanish to be replaced by similar numbers orf wog cunts and so it goes orn. Said wog cunts must be going somewhere and I have me shrewd suspicions. South Coast where we withstood the full force orf Hitler is once again under siege.

Know an old cunt does a spot orf farming down Hastings way. On the road is the ferry port orf Newhaven (run by the fucking frogs) and close to it is an old army camp name orf Tide Mills. Crawling with wog cunts, tents, cooking fires ect which the local council pretend to know nothing orf. Other land owners report much the same thing. Where once there were Poles and Romanians and now that they are nicely housed, their camps have been taken over by the wog cunts.

What is Cameron doing about this liberty? Bugger all. All the cunt does is fuck orf orn holiday. Red mist rises. To think that this once great nation possessed Calais. Take the piss hole back again and let the Paras run it. Sort the cunts out. Flog orf all the flash motors with UK plates that the frogs have seized from the dodgy cunts fronting for the wog cunts. Sell hunting licences to yank dentists and let them patrol the tunnel. This side orf the Channel we have our shot guns ready.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Self Service Checkouts


And can I nominate for a truly epic cunting “self service” checkouts in supermarkets. Devices worthy of Lucifer himself, designed to get the “valued customer” to do a minimum wage job as checkout operator for fucking free with the added bonus of pushing your blood pressure into the lower stratosphere!

Nominated by: Mr Angry

Self-service checkouts don’t even successfully cut out the need for staff because you always have several staff members lurking around to assist with the inevitable and frequent self-service fuck-ups. Add their hourly wage to the increased losses from shoplifting and is there really much of a saving?

Nominated by: Fred West

Telesales [2]


I’d like to offer for an extreme cunting – the telemarket, telesales cold calling industry, whose invasion of privacy has now reached epic proportions.

After managing to get some time away from work to indulge in mindless hedonistic pleasures, I have had 15 of these parasites calling my mobile and my landline (the latter which is ex-directory). Quite how they know who I am is beyond me, other than the probable fact that the cunts who maintain the electoral role have sold my confidential info to them.

Bad enough being pestered by some non-English speaking idiot, who fails to understand the rudiments of the words “bugger off”, but for them to then ring back 30 minutes later or clog up my answering machine with verbal diarrhea is to put it mildly, infuriating.

Nominated by: Lez