Selfish passengers

Don’t forget loud cunts on phones on public transport. Why do they think we are interested in their conversations? It’s a private call so keep,it private you utter cunts.

Feet on seats fucking piss me right off as well. Many years ago assisted a fellow traveller in removing a cunt from seats as he had his feet up on a rush hour train with next to no space but of course the cunt was entitled to as much room as he wanted. Tried to argue but he was told in no uncertain terms that if he tried it again he would be squashed.

Nominated by: Johnson

Bus passengers

I would like to nominate bus passengers as a bunch of inconsiderate cunts.

I get a bus daily, to help the environment but mainly because I like a drink after work. If the bus is busy, what do these twats do? Sit in the aisle seat with no intention of moving over so you have to ask them to move. If you can see it’s getting full, fucking move over, pricks. And take your massive fucking handbags off the seat next to you, you’ve paid for one seat, not both.

And if you’re an old fucker and turn up at the bus stop just before it arrives, if I’ve been waiting 10 minutes in the pissing cold and rain, I’m getting on first, so stick your misguided entitlement up your cunt, cunts.

And don’t get me started on the twats who put their feet on the seats, someone should take a shoe covered in dog shite and rub it in their fucking faces.

Nominated by: TheBournemouthRed



Vodaphone are cunts. I joined 02 in February this year. Prior to that I was with Vodaphone. My contract with them ended in July, everything was paid up, bye bye Vodaphone. Except it isn’t because on the 14th of each month, the cunts insist on sending me a bill for £0.00p.

I’ve told them EVERY fucking month since August, and they’ve completely ignored me. After speaking to them yesterday, I’m now awaiting a call back from a manager which is due on Tuesday, because they have a backlog of people wanting to speak with a manager. Presumably, this is because Vodaphone are so SHITE, that everyone is complaining. If I don’t get anywhere on Tuesday, then first thing on Wednesday, I will be contacting both OFCOM and my lawyer.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw



Don’t get me started on those fucking Yanks!

Gotta love the fact they have a World Series (Baseball) but as far as I know it is only for US & Canadian teams, fucking cunts.

And they always go on about VIP’s (very important player) and Hall Of Famers.

The US are the biggest shower of cunts on the planet

Nominated by: Boaby

Some Yanks are alright – but not the ones who start up their cars by remote control under my bedroom window at 5:15 am and then fuck off back inside to finish their coffee while the engine warms up.

The cunts don’t even live here. They work at the local airbase and rent our houses thereby pricing the locals out of the market

Why can’t they just fuck off back to their own country? If they behaved like that back home, some cunt would shoot them…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Disabled bay hijackers


I would like to cunt people parking in disabled parking bays.

Last night, outside Pets at Home, some fat ugly old bag parked her piece of shit Alfa covered in filler in not one but two disabled bays instead of parking five yards further in a normal space. If that wasn’t bad enough she gets out and so do her inbred hillbilly retarded cunt kids and they put all there empty drinks cans on the floor instead of in the bin on the way to the big petshop for some shoplifting, the pikey cunts.

Hopefully they got fucking clamped……bunch of inbred cunts!

Nominated by: fuglyucker