Mark Thatcher


Looking in the list of cunts I’m surprised this fucking cunt has never previously been cunted. This vile excuse for a piece of dogshit never gave a fuck about anyone else but his pathetic, useless self. It says something when his own mother sent him packing from the UK. Can’t say I blame the old slag really, he must have been one massive disappointment, greedy little money grabbing scumbag trading on mummies name.

Anyway, seems the ugly little cunt may now facing be a massive fine and possibly (if there’s any justice in this world) a spell in jail. You may remember his alleged involvement in an attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea which went wrong and his then friend Simon Mann ended up doing a stretch in jail out there. This cunt then denied anything to do with it and worse still disowned his mate and left him to languish in some festering African prison. Well now sonny boy is being taken to court by the ruler of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang who it seems is determined to get to the bottom of the whole fiasco.

The best bit is Simon Mann is the star witness for Obiang who freed him from jail after just 18 months.

I hope the cunt gets a massive fine AND a big fuck off jail sentence and gets bummed dry on a daily basis by the entire population of the inmates until his ringpeice resembles the Japanese flag……fucking CUNT !!!

Nominated by: Pissflap Pete



Vodaphone are cunts. I joined 02 in February this year. Prior to that I was with Vodaphone. My contract with them ended in July, everything was paid up, bye bye Vodaphone. Except it isn’t because on the 14th of each month, the cunts insist on sending me a bill for £0.00p.

I’ve told them EVERY fucking month since August, and they’ve completely ignored me. After speaking to them yesterday, I’m now awaiting a call back from a manager which is due on Tuesday, because they have a backlog of people wanting to speak with a manager. Presumably, this is because Vodaphone are so SHITE, that everyone is complaining. If I don’t get anywhere on Tuesday, then first thing on Wednesday, I will be contacting both OFCOM and my lawyer.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Dido Harding


Dido Harding, the incompetent CEO of the worst ISP in the country TalkTalk, is an absolute cunt!

Last week TalkTalk was hacked for the third time this year. THIRD TIME FFS! What the fuck was the woman doing? Clearly not her job of running the fucking company that’s for sure.

So how the fuck did Baroness Harding of Whinscunt get this fucking job? Well, she started off at Woolworths (who went bust) then moved to Tesco (where she ‘resigned’ aka was sacked) then after a spell at Sainsbury (much declining profits) ended up as CEO of TalkTalk. Now you might think she sucked somebody cock to get the job? You may very well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Ditto how did she qualify to become Conservative peer? Well, that’s a lot easier to answer – in October 1995, she married John Penrose, MP for Weston-super-Mare, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport since 14 May 2010. 2010 you might recall is about the time she landed the TalkTalk job. I’m sure it’s a total coincidence, along with the peerage.

Highlight of last week? Watching the bitch squirm on TV. Highlight of the TV moments? Watching her admit she didn’t know whether the data that was hacked was encrypted or not. Didn’t know FFS! It’s her job to know!!! It’s bloody basic – especially after two previous hacks within the past year.

If this cunt keeps her job after this, there’s no hope for any of us any more. Worryingly, In February 2013 she was assessed as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK. The honour was repeated the following year, when she was named in the 10 most influential women in the BBC Woman’s Hour power list 2014.

Even more worrying is that the incompetent cunt is a non-executive director on The Court of The Bank of England. Christ help us!!!

What a total cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

Cameron, the Calais cunt [19]


Bugger me butler, getting reliable gen orn the Calais chaos is like trying to count paedos in Rotherham. Cameron and crew are all about laying smoke screens orf lies to obscure what is going orn from the British people. The best that me intelligence committee can make oit is this. Far more wog scum are fucking orf from frogland and getting over to dear old Blighty to claim benefits than is being let on and this has been going orn for months. Police chiefs various across the country are saying that they are seeing 500 extra or more orf said wog scum orn a daily basis. Confirmed by what les frogs are saying, 1500 – 2000 a night storming the tunnel a day who then vanish to be replaced by similar numbers orf wog cunts and so it goes orn. Said wog cunts must be going somewhere and I have me shrewd suspicions. South Coast where we withstood the full force orf Hitler is once again under siege.

Know an old cunt does a spot orf farming down Hastings way. On the road is the ferry port orf Newhaven (run by the fucking frogs) and close to it is an old army camp name orf Tide Mills. Crawling with wog cunts, tents, cooking fires ect which the local council pretend to know nothing orf. Other land owners report much the same thing. Where once there were Poles and Romanians and now that they are nicely housed, their camps have been taken over by the wog cunts.

What is Cameron doing about this liberty? Bugger all. All the cunt does is fuck orf orn holiday. Red mist rises. To think that this once great nation possessed Calais. Take the piss hole back again and let the Paras run it. Sort the cunts out. Flog orf all the flash motors with UK plates that the frogs have seized from the dodgy cunts fronting for the wog cunts. Sell hunting licences to yank dentists and let them patrol the tunnel. This side orf the Channel we have our shot guns ready.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Fucking stupid messages


What the fuck is it with people who are too thick to know that they are writing bollocks?

For example : “An unexpected error has occurred” WTF! Which fucking error were you expecting then, you twat!!!

Here’s another : “This page has been deliberately left blank” Has it buggery! You just wrote “This page has been deliberately left blank” on it!

You cunts are just unexpectedly thick! Oh, hang on! No you’re not because I expected it. Cunts!

Nominated by : Dioclese