Bradford, 2016

I would like to cunt immigration. How long can we carry on like this? 660,000 arrived here in the last year! The net figure is 330,000 when you take into account the number emigrating. It would be interesting to know the make up of the people emigrating.

If the majority are the indigenous population then the make up of the population is being changed rapidly beyond recognition.Some would no doubt say’ what does it matter?’ People are people but what are we losing? We are becoming something different and it is being imposed on us.

It was all summed up by Gordon Brown when he called that woman a bigot because she didn’t like the way her neighbourhood was changing before her eyes. She wasn’t, her concerns were legitimate and Gordon Brown was an out of touch cunt.

Nominated by: Richard 1

Dosser shite


The Good Lord ordains that what marketh man is his shite. Animal shite – unless it’s bear or pig – is generally cope able with. The human kind, orf which yours truly has vast experience orf is orf a different order orf foulness. Indian shite and particularly that that fouls the streets orf Calcutta is beyond the pale. In the Western Desert (8th Army, Rommel, that show) a good soldier learned to identify his enemy by his waste – Iti, Kraut, Wog, Yank (lots orf Yank but never near any danger) all distinctive. Hippy shite stands oit from from me days in the 60s in the Producer dodge organising festivals, particularly when mixed, as it so orften was, with mud and psychotic substances. In short I know me shite.


Orf a different order orf magnitude is dosser shite as increasingly evidenced in London, Manchester and many a South Coast toine. A veritable tsunami orf the stuff is deluging our once great nation. Glossy, brown and bloated, the sticky mucous coated crap is stuffed full orf parasites and drug resistant viruses. Indeed consider where it has been and what has produced it. Now try and get it orf your shoes without getting it smeared all over your hands and clothes.

The feral cunts squeezing their arses oit over shopping centres, public streets and people’s front gardens think they have the right to borrow a rat arsed dog with sad soulful eyes (I always offer to put the fucker doine) or hire a fake sand sculpture and beg for my money. Must declare me interest here. Do a spot orf lay preaching at me local church and have regular occasion to shovel dosser shite (see photos) oit orf our front garden. Call the Council? Fuck orf. No other cunt will touch it.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Cameron, the Calais cunt [19]


Bugger me butler, getting reliable gen orn the Calais chaos is like trying to count paedos in Rotherham. Cameron and crew are all about laying smoke screens orf lies to obscure what is going orn from the British people. The best that me intelligence committee can make oit is this. Far more wog scum are fucking orf from frogland and getting over to dear old Blighty to claim benefits than is being let on and this has been going orn for months. Police chiefs various across the country are saying that they are seeing 500 extra or more orf said wog scum orn a daily basis. Confirmed by what les frogs are saying, 1500 – 2000 a night storming the tunnel a day who then vanish to be replaced by similar numbers orf wog cunts and so it goes orn. Said wog cunts must be going somewhere and I have me shrewd suspicions. South Coast where we withstood the full force orf Hitler is once again under siege.

Know an old cunt does a spot orf farming down Hastings way. On the road is the ferry port orf Newhaven (run by the fucking frogs) and close to it is an old army camp name orf Tide Mills. Crawling with wog cunts, tents, cooking fires ect which the local council pretend to know nothing orf. Other land owners report much the same thing. Where once there were Poles and Romanians and now that they are nicely housed, their camps have been taken over by the wog cunts.

What is Cameron doing about this liberty? Bugger all. All the cunt does is fuck orf orn holiday. Red mist rises. To think that this once great nation possessed Calais. Take the piss hole back again and let the Paras run it. Sort the cunts out. Flog orf all the flash motors with UK plates that the frogs have seized from the dodgy cunts fronting for the wog cunts. Sell hunting licences to yank dentists and let them patrol the tunnel. This side orf the Channel we have our shot guns ready.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Calais migrants


That no politicians have taken any significant steps to prevent the Calais base immigrant invasions that have been taking place, I can only deduce that the obliteration of British society is government policy.

In the age of the internet and mobile phones, the illegal fuckers in our country can pass the message loud and clear that if you do get your feet on British soil, it is very unlikely that you will ever be deported, even if you are caught for stealing, raping or murdering.

It is an absolute and utter fucking disgrace that nothing substantive is ever done about it.

With the EU and the UN actively persuading European countries to accept more and more of these migrant cunts, because it is “honourable, decent, and compassionate”, do they not consider those same feelings for us poor natives whose countries are being systematically invaded?

The EU and the UN are in effect propping each other up. EU leaders are more concerned about what other leaders think than about the people they claim to represent.

Not enough people care to make a difference and the levers of power are firmly in the hands of those who wish us indigenous white British extinction.

When a society loses its patriotism it doesn’t become a fluffy, love everyone society it merely becomes the shit-manure in which another stronger culture takes hold and grows.

It very much looks as though not only does the government not care about our security, vis-à-vis the potential for jihady-terrorists and other dangerous migrant cunts arriving in the UK, but they don’t care about maintaining the welfare state, education and hospitals, all of which have been collapsing under the pressure of this increasing migrant invasion since the Blair government of 1997.

Anyone in the country illegally should immediately be sent back full stop. And fuck all your farsical international “human rights” excuses.

The government currently appears to have abandoned its responsibility here, and along with it the duty to protect its citizens from these criminal immigrant fuckers.

What we have, in effect, is a traitor government for immigrants paid for by British taxpayers.

Fuck you all British traitor government minister cunts. Fuck you all immigrant cunts.

Nominated by: Entopy

Roma immigrants


Get used to it because come 1st January, 2014 the country is going to be overrun by these cunts. OK, maybe they’re not all cunts but why take the risk?

Perhaps we could get them to set up camp in Downing Street? After all, that’s where the cunt lives who let ’em in. Let him fucking sort ’em out, the spineless bastard.

Time to move out of Sheffield, I reckon – before the shit hits the fan!

Nominated by: Dioclese