MP’s pay rise


IPSA, the supposedly independent body that is responsible for making sure that MP’s don’t get caught with thieving from the taxpayer, have recommended that MP’s get a pay rise. Of 10%. I’ll say that last part again TEN…FUCKING…PERCENT. And they wonder why they’re fucking despised. Who the fuck do they think they are, tube train drivers?

Most of these money grabbing have gleefully accepted their ludicrously unjustified pay rise. Some of them have actually complained that a rise that will see their pay rise from £67,000 to £74,000, is not enough. One Tory, whose name I’ve forgotten, insists that MP’s are grossly underpaid and should be taking home £104,000. A small number of them, including Nicky Morgan, have announced that they will accept the rise, but donate the 10% to charity. So at least a handful are trying to do something with it..

My biggest issue with this pay rise, is the size of it. Ten percent is a fucking enormous amount of money to give someone as a pay rise. I wouldn’t mind if it were given to people who actually deserve it, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, military personnel, etc. Unfortunately, public service workers, have had their pay rises capped at ONE percent. As far as I’m concerned, MP’s are not essential to the everyday running of peoples lives. Nobody will die, nobody’s life will be at risk if we didn’t have MP’s. The country would not grind to a halt, our island would not be at risk of invasion.

As far as I can tell, our MP’s are a bunch of twats, who only in parliament because they would be completely shite in a real job. The spend most of their “working” week sat in a centuries old room pulling faces, shouting, and making childish noises and gestures at the MP’s on the opposite benches. Fuck me, you could teach a monkey to do that. So why do these ignorant, arrogant, immature, thieving arsewipes think they deserve a salary of £74,000? It’s an obscene amount to pay the likes of them.

I don’t normally support strikes. But the next time firefighters, nurses, or paramedics walk out in dispute over pay, I will be firmly behind them. It’s just a shame that military personnel can’t strike. There really would be chaos then.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Cunts in TV adverts


That Travelzoo advert deserves a cunting… Those two tossers acting like seals need a hiding…

Same goes for that baldy cunt wiggling his fat arse for Money Supermarket, or that bearded twat dressed as Carmen Miranda on that bingo advert…

Don’t cunts like that have any self respect?

Nominated by: Norman

“You buy one, you get one free. I said you buy one you get one free!”

Yeah, I heard you – now fuck the fuck off! You seriously expect me to buy windows from a cunt like you ?!?

Nominated by : Dioclese

Walter Palmer


I’d like leave to rush through an emergency cunting of Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer.

Now I’m not normally one to jump on bandwagons or engage in witch hunts but I will make an exception for this small dicked cunt. For those not aware he is an American who paid $50 000 to shoot a lion with a crossbow . What the fuck for you may ask. Well other than he has psychopathic tendencies and can only get a hard on when he is engaged in killing something , I have no idea.

What a fucking CUNT !

Nominated by: The Cunt Factor

This particular treatment for the aforementioned cunt came to mind. Not sure why 😉


Nominated by: Dioclese

Fifty grand to shoot some old pelt with a crossbow? What a tosser. In me day I was taking oit tiger with me Lee Enfield bolt action. Only got once chance with one orf those if old tigger got wind orf you first and pounced. Play the whiteman. Give the beast a sporting chance donchaknow. Bastard bearers would invariably leg it leaving me on me todd. Nature red in tooth and claw. Would rather not supply the red so had an old large bore elephant gun as backup.

Problem is those bastards had a kick that would put one on one’s arse and accuracy was not a strong point. Generally whatever took a hit was blown to pieces – head/arse/bollocks, – and bang goes me trophy. Blood bone and guts all over the shop.

Love to take that yank oit orn safari. Bush can be a very dangerous place and me old eyesight is not what it was.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Andy Murray [9]

Andy Murray of Britain reacts during his men's singles final tennis match against Roger Federer of Switzerland at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London

So, Andy Murray gets cunted for the ninth time. Co-incidentally, if Federer wins this Sunday that’s the same number as the number of Wimbledon titles he’ll have won.

Murray didn’t just lose – he was totally outclassed and outplayed. As usual, his temperament let him down. Federer made it look easy. And it was easy because Federer is a champion and Murray is just a good player.

There’s only one person in tennis I despise more than this little scrote, and that’s his bloody mother. She really gets on my tits.

7-6, 7-6, 6-4 says it all. You’re out of your depth, sonny boy.

It has been said on here that some people keep getting cunted again and again and that this is just too much repetition. However, in Murray’s case the megacunt just can’t be cunted often enough.

Now fuck off back to the Caledonia Peoples Republic, you loser!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Chris Spivey [2]

A monkey wearing a Chris Spivey T-shirt

A monkey wearing a Chris Spivey T-shirt

Chris spivey deserves a massive re-cunting as the fat ignorant conspiracy theorist cunt is claiming, predictably, that the Tunisian massacre didn’t happen and was staged by “crisis actors”…

Nominated by: Fred West

A cunt out of his own mouth :

your own common sense should leave you laughing at events such as this latest crock of horseshit coming out of Tunisia

Lying British crisis actors more commonly known as Pondlife Traitor Arse-wipe Shitheads make up some hysteria inducing old bollocks after being trapped in their own tiny fucking minds and given a strict mandate to work non-existent Terrapins hurling FUCK ALL at anybody into their fantasy

The gunman who was later shot dead was named as Seifeddine Rezgui, 23 – in other words, an unpronounceable name commonly given over to nonexistent terrapins by the woefully inadequate, government sponsored false flag, scriptwriters

15 Britons were among the 38 who were mercilessly killed in the massacre yesterday and that number ‘may well rise’, Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood has said. Yeah, Tobias will be waiting on a phone call from the Cunt Cameron to tell him whether to increase the number of British dead or not.

7/7 was a false flag attack too although that was carried out on British soil. Are the Monkey-Boyz saying that this false flag in Tunisia was carried out on the orders of the British Government? Or did ISIS telephone the Cunt Cameron and tell him that this was an attack specifically targeting the British.

I apologize most sincerely for inflicting this piece of disrespectful, egotistical, sadly deluded piece of pond life on the public. I shall immediately commit suicide to asuage my guilt, realising that Chris will probably say that Cameron had me bumped orf in a false flag attack.

Nominated by: Chris Spivey’s Mum