Bad grammar

I’d like to cunt anyone who insists on using a lower case ‘i’ on banners/posters or what fucking ever thing they want to use to make a fucking statement.

When you write with capital letters you fucking don’t put a fucking little letter ‘I’ to let everyone know it’s a fucking ‘I’. I’ve noticed this getting more and more prevalent over the years. Does my fucking nut in it does.

When has the letter I been lower case on a keyboard? Fucking when? Eh? fucking never, that’s when, you cunts. Go on, you thick twats, look at your keyboard! It’s a fucking upper case fucking ‘I’. So why do I have to endure some cunt statement saying something like ‘NOT MY PRESiDENT’.

Are these cunts completely devoid of basic fucking grammar?

Nominated by: Wankycunt

Like, you know, cunts…


I would like to you know, like nominate all the cunts like that repeatedly say “you know”, and the word “like” all the like time, when you know like being interviewed like.

Shut The Fuck up you cunts! If I fucking knew what the fuck you were banging on about I would not be listening to your shallow fucking drivel in the first place.

Kids that say the word like in any interview repeatedly – I don’t want to know what they think they can’t put a sentence together in the first place without like in every third word.

And the fucking Yanks “ya know” yea I do, you’re cunts so fuck off and speak English not that trashed up American version.

Stop talking as if you’re sat on the wall outside the local cheap cider supply shop in your hoodie, put your fucking brain in gear and think before you spout your shit drivel. It’s quicker that listening to all the “you knows” and “likes”, you’re going to blurt out, and you might even sound like you have an IQ above a fucking stick insect, you cunts.

Nominated by: xBrit Cunt

Budget analysis bullshit


I am weary of reading shite like ‘3 million families hardest hit by tax credit cuts’ and ’13 million families loose at least £250….’ blah blah bollocks.

But thats not really true is it? Its merely an obfuscation of the truth, and one of the main reasons why this country runs such a massive fiscal deficit.

What is really happening is 3 million families have been living a lifestyle they can’t afford on the back every other working taxpayer. 3 million families are above their station, having kids that they can’t afford because someone else picks up the tab.

‘But its investing our countries future’ is the social and liberal cry. I would like to call bullshit on that one. We already have lots of shop assistants, nail technicians, Banksman/labourers, and serial breeders, we don’t need anymore. We have to get jonny foreigner into do some of the jobs because we, the english, feel we are too precious to do them ourselves, or if we forced a section of society to do this work it might be ‘degrading’ to them.

Statistically speaking, a down’s syndrome couple is more likely to have a perfectly normal child than this level of investment in families is likely to bring substantial returns in the way of tax takings by the individuals getting good school grades (thats another cunting in itself) and well paying jobs.

The state sponsored breeding programme has failed, and now needs to be curtailed. Cutting tax credits and family subsidies is clearly a step in the right direction. Having kids is a lifestyle choice, I don’t see any logical reason to continue funding it with taxpayers cash, for little or no return. The cost of educating this rabble, as well as trying to keep it alive long enough via the NHS to get some tax and NI out of them is a diminishing return.

Its a dose of reality that 13 million people have done a Greece with all their lives, and now there is no more road to kick the can down.

Nominated by: The Captain

WTF! Can’t these cunts who insist on slagging off budgets do basic maths?

On the Beeb this morning fronted by ubercunt leftie Charlie Stait, some wanker said that increasing the minimum wage from £8 to £9 an hour would add 39% to his business running costs and would force him out of business.

Assuming that his only cost was wages (which it can’t be), then the £1 increase is 12.5% so how the fuck does he arrive at 39%?!?

Just proves what the Tories have been saying: the standards of maths in this country is unacceptably low. It seems to me especially amongst the lazy lefty bastards and the great unwashed. No wonder the immigrants get all the jobs!

Nominated by: Dioclese

The SNP [4]


The SNP are cunts. Financially illiterate cunts. Scotland cannot stand on its own feet without Englands subsidies.

The UK works (just) and has influence (not so much these days) because of what the ‘U’ in UK stands for you stupid bagpipe fondlers. Undo that and you’ll be back in the days of Robert ‘Spider botherer’ Bruce, living in mud huts and foraging for haggis. Fucking idiots.

SNP = Simply No Point …

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Sam Delaney


Sam Delaney is left wing cunt who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow.

He was bitching on Sky News this morning in their paper review about the great massdebate this evening. Sam reckons that UKIP shouldn’t be on there because they don’t have any MPs and Farage isn’t in the Commons but apparently it was alright for the Greens to be there.

Well, Sam, you pig ignorant cunt who the fuck are Carswell and Reckless then? Well, according to Sam, they only crossed the floor and weren’t properly elected, so we’ll ignore their by-elections then shall we? And while we’re on the subject of the Greens, Natalie fucking Bennett – an incompetent Aussie who doesn’t even know what her own policies are – isn’t in the Commons either. Let’s count their MPs shall we Sam? I make it UKIP 2, Greens 1. Oh’ hang on – we’ll ignore that!

Delaney is typical of the loony left in Labour. He ignores the facts when debating his case just like Milipede will likely do tonight. Strangely, I agree with him that if Plaid and the SNP are included then the Ulster parties should be there too. Jesus, I’m agreeing with a bloke who’s total left wing cunt of cunts!

What the fuck is this useless twat doing on Sky News in the mornings anyway? Perhaps it’s to make Eamonn Holmes look intelligent? Just asking…

Nominated by: Dioclese