Private Eye

Private Eye is overdue a severe cunting.

I have subscribed since the days of Heath and Wilson. I have tolerated the endless Fleet St tittle tattle because some of the satire and bad taste can be excellent and the investigative stuff is also good. Many cunts have been exposed over the years.

However, since June 2016 it has become almost entirely one sided in it’s attacks. Apparently there is no satire in the posturings of Blair, Krankies, Miller, Clegg. Cameron and so on. Everything now points out what cunts those that voted Leave are. It does have a go at that odious cunt Osborne but only because he has the temerity to edit a newspaper. A newspaper which has no meaning to anyone living outside the M25, and I suspect very little meaning to the majority inside.

Private Eye is now Establishment. Supporting the mainly London, liberal elite – the civil servants. lawyers, politicians and all the rest of the gravy train troughers who serve no purpose to the majority of Brits. All within the M25 natch.

The late Peter Cook must be turning in his grave. He came from the establishment and spent his life subverting it in one way or another.

Private Eye – the Remoaners Gazette. Staffed by cunts, edited by a cunt, written for cunts who know, yes they are certain in their belief that the rest of the UK is populated by knuckle dragging morons.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Oi! Hislop, ya cunt!

When you gonna answer this? It’s been seven fucking years…

An open letter to Ian Hislop

Nominated by Dioclese

Ian Hislop (3)

Hislop                                                              Baby

Hislop and ‘The Wipers Times’

Settled doine in front orf telly with a nice single malt to pay me respects to the memory orf the fallen in the battle with the greatest carnage count in WW1. Indeed Passchendaele remains unsurpassed to this day. Then up pops the slap head cunt Hislop to do a promo on his crappy play ‘The Wipers Times’ (for those cunters ignorent “Wipers” was what British troops called Ypres). Amidst the mud and gas our brave lads took to publishing a newspaper to generally take the piss and boost morale. According to Hislop it was very funny in an anarchic British way, a sort orf ISAC for the trenches. Some orf it was then staged in front orf Ypres Town Hall for assembled dignitaries and public. Went doine like a lead balloon or indeed like shrapnel in the groin before the watching millions ont telly.

The bint doing the commentary went orn to mark our cards with further plugs for Hislop’s shite with the warning that it would shortly be touring to a theatre near you. If Hislop believes himself to be a writer orf dramatic worth then sadly he is delusional. No help to him that a section of the infinitely superior ‘War Horse’ was also performed but to great acclaim. Perhaps Mr Hislop should consider a modification orf his title to the ‘Wipe Arse Times’. Then his poor public will be better prepared.

From Our Drama Critic, Sir Limply Stoke

Have I Got News For You. (HIGNFY)

I would like to nominate Al-BBC staple Have I Got News for You for a cunt-therapy session. Therapy for my benefit of course, not fucking theirs.

Not only has this satirical cuntfest gone well past its sell-by date, it has fermented into an unrecognisable, putrid mass in the fridge crisper. Choice vegetables of course in this salad o’shite being Ian Hislop, Paul Merton and whichever liberal elite comedians happen to be out-cunting themselves each week as the ‘guest’ hosts.

Confession time – back in the 90s, I used like this show. I remember Paula Yates and Piers Morgan on respective episodes getting a good old cunting. That Bruce Forsyth terrorist card game was funny. The William Shatner one wasn’t bad. But the show is now just a sorry fucking self-parody tribute act. What is worse, is that like anything from the Al-BBC post 2008, it has been infested with divisive neo-lib rhetoric and goes hand-in-hand with the very fucking worst dregs you find nodding sagely to Polly Toynbee columns in the Guardian.

The political agenda is barely concealed – all parties might be mocked but it is evident where the bread is buttered by noting who gets a real kicking. Unsurprisingly, plenty of pro-EU/anti-Trump/pro-immigration bollocks can be heard within each episode; topped off with the crowd of blue-haired quinola-scoffing hemp-wanking fucktards in the audience, who have taken to cheering anything pro-EU.

I no longer watch this shitfest, but in a moment of ill-judged stupidity I tuned in for the 2017 post-election special. What a fucking monumental mistake that was. Leading the charge as host was Jo Brand: a perfect fucking encapsulation for what the corporation champions as a box-ticking ‘comedian’ and amazingly, not even the most unfunny cunt with that surname. Ian Hislop as ever doing his indignant lectures that were once cutting and revealing, but are now just dull rambling speeches into cuntdom, delivered with a constantly bemused face which is so delightfully punchable – his head is increasingly resembling a cancerous potato. Central to the shit-mix is Paul Merton, who once upon a time at least had irreverent timing and wit, now reduced to a randomly barking shitheel whose outbursts are neither funny nor indeed fucking relevant. Guests this episode were Alan Johnson – a fucking member right down to his own surname – and Ross Noble, a truly unfunny rambling fucker whose head and sigmoid colon make a perfect geometric fit.

To be fair, HIGNFY is far from the only show that has been politicised beyond any humour; but it is one of the worst and most dramatic examples of right-on hijacking that I can think of. Plus, the ‘guest’ host list could be worthy of a cunting all on its own. A special place in cunting hell is reserved for the likes of Victoria Coren-Mitchell, her chinless fucking husband David, Alexander Armstrong, Miranda Hart and fucking Eddie ‘Top Cunt’ Izzard. Every single one of these bastards boils my piss into supercritical steam.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back.

Ian Hislop (2)

While we are slagging off the BBC (and why not?) I would like to nominate one Ian Hislop for his recent conversion to cuntishness. I used to like this bloke and I particularly admired his 2 series on the Great War and Victorian philanthropists. However I can’t watch HIGNFY any more because of his constant pro-EU sniping, usually aided by the guest presenter or some no mark politician on the panel.

I’ve stopped buying Private Eye for the same reason. Sorry Ian you used to be good but now you are just another BBC funded remoaning cunt and you can fuck right off.

How the mighty have fallen. Shame.

Nominated by Freddie The Frog