Lily Allen [6]

I would like to renominate the gobshite cunt that is Lily Fucking Allen again for being an absolute weapons grade, ocean going, treble cunt.

Lilly the musical mong who said she was going to let her high cost house out to refugees,has actually let it out to foreign diplomats who are now claiming diplomatic immunity and refusing to move out and there is fuck all the silly bitch can do about it. Lily is now saying she’s going to be homeless and her very unlucky kids are going to have to endure her moving in with them for Xmas ho ho ho….

What a fucktard! I nearly soiled myself laughing its made my day. I hate asylum seekers but in this case I hope these termites manage to stay there for fucking years and we can look forward to lots of news pictures of the twat in tears looking for sympathy. You won’t get any from me and if nothing else this should teach you a fucking lesson. If you go on the telly defending these fucking wasters and then making a big thing about renting them property you have opened yourself up to having them take the piss.

This is why people in the real world won’t help. That’s what you get and it just enforces the reasons for staying well clear of these cunts. Here endeth the lesson, you cunt

****** Happy Christmas, cunters ******

Nominated by fuglyucker

Tony Blair [10]

I’d like to nominate Tony Blair for a cunting.

His utter contempt of the British people as being “too thick to decide” with regards to Brexit (and that cuts both ways against those wishing to leave as well as those wanting to remain) just exudes everything that is wrong with him and his faux left-wing cronies, i.e., “Ours is the party of the people! Now let us dictate exactly how you live because you cannot be trusted to make any decision for yourselves. Power to the people! We just don’t expect you to use it, we’ll do that for you.”

The conceited superiority of this cunt really needs slapping down! And would he have been so vocal had the result gone the other way? His way, the gravy train for him and his cronies way?

It’s no secret that Tony B.Liar had designs on the top seat in the EU with all of his toadies in tow like Mandy Mandelson and Alistair Campbell, which halted as the WMD scandal hit.

But now the cunt is back and is shilling for another seat in the EU and his vehicle is to rabble-rouse the remoaners into kicking off (not that they need much of an invitation), even after parliament has now decided and passed through that Article 50 should be invoked (House of Lords aside – another nest of unelected cunts).

The cunt has obviously been promised something from Juncker, Tusk or Verhofstadt to attempt to derail democracy because once invoked in the UK they’re bricking it that their house of cards will collapse all over them! And let’s face it, that would be no bad thing, unless you’reof the ilk of Tony Blair and his cronies!

Tony Blair, you are a cunt. An educated lawyer type of cunt (to worm you way out of shit with your smarmy legalese) but when it came to Brexit yours was one vote. When it came to Brexit, mine was one vote.

Your vote does not count more than mine just because you are a cunt of undefined proportions!

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

John Bercow [3]

I’d like to nominate John Bercow for a cunting.

Now as Speaker of the House I have a little time for him because he has been impartial across both benches and often holds order with a bit of humour (much lacking in our disgrace of a parliament), however, today Mr Bercow overstepped his boundaries by cheesing off about not wanting Donald Trump to speak in “this” house (House of Commons) where “…sexist and racist views should not be tolerated!”

Neither should having a speaker proffering his opinion on a matter which does not concern him (especially infering that Trump is a racist which – whether he is or isn’t – there’s no factual evidence to support that accusation, against illegals yes, racist no).

You can tell he’s leaving the speaker’s chair this year because I doubt he would have been so garrulous with his opinion ahead of his appointment as the speaker.

That alone though is not enough for a cunting. The main reason for nominating Mr Bercow for a cunting is because immediately following his statement, the ABBC sought comment from our very own “Cunt of the Year!” Tiny Timmy Farron (their go-to Libtard on anything Trump or Brexit related these days – the cunt must be rubbing his hands).

To afford that non-entity any airtime whatsoever is a cuntable offence, and hence my nomination for John Bercow.

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Tim Farron [3]

Talking of Rats extremist cunt (by which I mean he takes being a cunt to the extreme) Tim Farron is now saying that Brexit is the theft of Democracy and and an attack on our economy. The duplicitous cunt has done nothing since June 23rd except attack democracy and a real attack on our economy involves voting cunts like him into parliament and possible power. As Clegg proved the LibDems would sell their own kids to get a seat near the table of power.

What a vomit inducing piece of work he is….the cunt

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

Please an emergency cunting for Tim Farron, I have been wiped out with the flu or some cunt of a virus. I finally get out of bed after being in the cunt for the best part of two days, eat some breakfast after not eating for a day put the telly on and that cunt Farron is going on about the ‘single market’ and blah, blah, fucking cunt blah. Apparently according to him his party are the ones who can represent the 48% and can pressure the government to get a deal for all or whatever. You can’t help but notice his desperation to try and save the Lib Dems who are a total fucking joke after that even bigger cunt Clegg lied about tuition fees etc and joined up with the Tories which is an even bigger joke considering their differences as parties. Anyways Tim Farron is a cunt who needs a kick in the bollocks everyime he mentions Brexit, the single market, or the people didn’t get a vote on the direction we are taking. Fuck it he needs a kick in the bollocks before he attempts to say anything.

Nominated by Black and White Cunt

400 migrant brats


400 celebs and other do-gooders protested to allow at least 400 hundred “children” living in Calais Jungle Camp to come and live in the UK. Mainly because they have relatives living in the UK.

Now if they paused to think these do-gooders and celeb band wagon hangers on may realise each one of these cunts they allow in is justification for all their relatives to come and join them.

You cunts are not doing good you are fodder for the no borders commies that will use any justication to ignore the borders of nation states and in the process erode out culture and identity.

If these cunts don’t like France or any other country they passed through on the way to attempt entry on the UK they should fuck off home.

We have enough parasites of our own, fuck off you are not welcome. Happy clappy do-gooders may tell you this is the promised land but it ain’t and you are not going to welcomed.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit

400 hundred celebs, 400 kids. Do the math!

Take one each and then you can lecture me

Fucking hypocritical cunts…

Nominated by: Dioclese