Chris Evans [4]


Dear Chris Evans,
You fucking cunt,
How I’d love to hit you,
With something hard and blunt,
Then go back to your mother’s,
So she can make me brunch,
Oh Chris Evans,
You are a fucking cunt

Nominated by: Cunt

So, it’s Carrot Top Gear.

Let me see if I get this right : The Beeb sack Clarkson. They then give his show to a carrot topped cunt who they’ve already fired twice because he couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed for his own breakfast show.

Hypocrisy? Double standards? Shurely not…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Sir Alex Ferguson [4]


Sir Alex Fucking Ferguson is a cheating, lying, bullying, alcoholic Jock cunt is also an utter bastard. Every day is red nose day with this twat. Typical commie socialist in that he is a multi millionaire.

I hope his team of homos, cunts, twats and wankers get relegated and he finally gets fingered for match fixing and back pocketing brown envelopes.

WTF has happened to society that this utter cunt should become a Knight?

Nominated by : Dave the Badger



What’s with these cunts?

Nothing better to do than to post shit comments on blogs just to piss off the author. I’ve had my share lately, and all I have to say is “Fuck the fucking fuck off, you fuckers!”

Definitely cunts.

Nominated by : Dioclese

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a shrill, self-obsessed, humourless, 
sectarian muslim who screams “racist” to every criticism, fat, ugly, gargoyle of a cunt. 

She should fuck off back to Uganda if she doesn’t like it here. 

Nominated by Tweed

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is a humourless, bleating, hectoring, 
useless, nauseating, Lefty, MILF bitch, who wouldn’t 
recognise a joke if it jumped up and bit her on her 
fucking fat arse and who should be stoned out of our fucking misery, CUNT! 

Nominated by Barking Spider