Still Open All Hours

STILL OPEN ALL HOURS is complete load of fucking shit, it’s Last of the Summer Wine reincarnated – I want to rip my fuckin eyes out and fill my eye sockets with shit. All I can think is old cunt David Jason has a arrangements with a big Wig at the BBC to give him a programme to keep his pension topped up… It’s utter SHIT!!!!!!!

Nominated by Harry Balls

Has-been celebs


I would like to Cunt all the has been ‘Celebrity’ Cunts who are living off fame from ages ago. There are so many I aint gonna waste time listing them but its like they have this television circuit they go on (Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Masterchef, Safeword) to make money and annoy us by hanging around.

I know a lot of them are skint cunts but please have some pride and either stick to what is was that got you a bit of fame or fuck off instead of trying to stay in the limelight on some shitty show. There are soon gonna be more ‘Celebrities’ than normal people. The Cunts.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

Comeback bands


The come back tour – the last bastion of shite karioke pop bands!

Yes that’s right, after loosing their record deal they all disappear in to obscurity but usually 6 years down the line someone will mention a reunion on Twitter and before you can say ‘Don’t fucking do it” they have reformed, re-released their “greatest hits” and embarked on a tour to extract every last penny out of the brain dead cunts who bought their shit music the first time round.

The only people who make any money of these reunions is the record labels, they usually own the rights to the songs, thats why 1 Direction generated an estimated £800 million in commercial sales (TV, Movies, Radio, Tv etc) yet they will all be sucking and sucking dick for food scraps in 2 years time before declaring bankruptcy – cunts

Nominated by : shittyknickers

Black Sabbath


Black Sabbath are cunts… Well at least two of them are…

Don’t get me wrong. The self titled debut, Paranoid and Black Sabbath Volume 4 are great.

But it has come to Ozzy and Bill Ward bitching and slanging in a way that resembles a Guardian comments column… Maybe Bill has some sort of case? Maybe Ozzy is having his strings pulled by the revolting Sharon Osbourne? It’s just sad to see a band of their stature and men of their age doing something similar to what happened when Robbie Williams got sacked (the first time!) from Take That…

Nominated by: Norman