George Claudiu Albu


George Claudiu Albu is a massive, massive cunt.

The gutless coward piece of shit decided to use the backstreets of Notting hill as his own private racetrack in about £25k worth of second hand Bentley when he hit a stationary council gardener’s van that had broken down in the road.

The poor fucker that was driving the van happened to be responsibly ushering traffic around the stricken motor when the Romanian faggotwing wannabe gangster rammed into the van, crushing the gardener between the two cars.

So, what did big gay George do?

Did he call an ambulance? Nope.

Did he try and administer first aid? Nope.

Did he do a runner with his shirtless boyfriend, leaving the engine running, the car leaking fluids and the stereo blaring gangsta (c)rap while his unfortunate victim lay dying in the road. Oh yes.

What a grade ‘A’ cunt of monumental proportions.

But then any overly aggressive, thick as pigshit, roid-rage bodybuilder cunt with ‘Thug life’ tattooed accross its belly and ‘Outlaw’ tattooed on its arm will most likely be the less than proud owner of a non- functioning microcock and would probably have done the same.

Personally I hope he gets life inside and spends it catching AIDS as the spunk sponge to a gay muslim child rapist gang….

And then gets deported back to Romania to have the whole life sentence / spunk sponge arrangement repeated.

He deserves nothing more, nothing less.

Nominated by: Odins Balls

Kevin Bollaert


Kevin Bollaert needs a special cunting.

Bollaert cried in Court this week when he was jailed for eighteen years.

The cunt had been operating a revenge porn website which encouraged jilted lovers and hackers to post nude photos of people without their consent, along with personal information including contact details. More than 10,000 images, mainly of women, were posted between December 2012 and September 2013. Anyone who contacted the website seeking to have their explicit images taken down was then directed to another of Bollaert’s websites,, and charged between $250 to $350 to remove the content. The compromising photos cost many victims their jobs and led to one attempted suicide. Bollaert raked in approx $900 a month in website ad revenue and another $30,000 from victims. Bollaert was convicted of six counts of extortion and twenty-one counts of identity theft.

Frankly I think eighteen years is getting off lightly for this abhorrent cunt – one can only hope that a 25 stone drug dealer in a neighbouring cell fancies a fresh bitch…

Nominated by: Fred West



Shite sandwich pedlars Subway are cunts for bowing to towelhead pressure and discontinuing selling pork products and replacing other meats with halal only meat in areas in Britain. Halal slaughter is a disgusting practice that should be fucking banned. If you don’t dine on swine then cunt off to a CUNTry that does!

Nominated by: Occams Razor



What’s with these cunts?

Nothing better to do than to post shit comments on blogs just to piss off the author. I’ve had my share lately, and all I have to say is “Fuck the fucking fuck off, you fuckers!”

Definitely cunts.

Nominated by : Dioclese

Nicos Anastasiades


Nicos Anastasiades, puppet President of the Fourth Reich Republic of Cyprus, is an unmitigated disgrace of a cunt who has sold his nation down the crapper because he did not have the balls to tell that other cunt, Angela Merkel, to go and fuck herself.

The honourless cunt has done to Cyprus what the cunt Heath did to the UK and sold it out to the Krauts. He’s even agreed to his own parliament not getting a vote on it. If the cunt had any self-respect he would resign immediately before his own countrymen hang the fucker from the nearest lamp post.

Oh! Is that a nazi salute I see in the picture? I think it might be.

Seig Heil, you cunt!

Nominated by : Dioclese