Black Friday & the Gullible Public


What an absolute load of fucking shit, Black Friday has arrived and the Great British Public are out like sheep under the misguided illusion they are getting an ‘absolute bargain’.
If you ever needed proof that people are mind-controlled then look at Black Friday.
Hoards of arseholes stampeding through the shops like they hadn’t eaten for 3 weeks all to get their XBOX for half-price. Fighting over the products like it’s a scrap of bread in the Gulag.

Now if that was not proof enough people are fucking moronic mind-controlled cunts, then the assumption they are getting it half-price is even more proof.

NO you are not getting it half-price, you are getting:

1. The retailer making 100% mark-up instead of the usual 200%
2. Old technology which is now slower but also cheaper because it is essentially obsolete.

Have you seen the new iPhone 6s advert? It starts out by saying:
“This is iPhone 6S, Not much has changed except it responds to the pressure of your finger”

Well fuck-me, Mrs Boaby responds the pressure of my fist, especially this time of year.

So …..


Happy Christmas ?

Nominated by: Boaby

The Arctic 30

30 arctic cunts

A complete bunch of cunts if ever there was one. A self-righteous gaggle of global warming bollocks believers, who expected the worst outcome of their little stunt to be a slap on the wrist, before swaggering home to the acclaim of their cunty mates.

Fucked up the intelligence assessment on this one a bit didn’t you cunts?! Turns out the Russians think global warming is bullshit, and don’t take too kindly to tree-hugging eco pirates trespassing on their kit. These cunts are now shivering in the corner of a grotty jail, praying that their cell-mate ‘Big Ivan’ doesn’t wake up and give them what for with his Stalin’s organ again.

Because these cunts were ‘there to represent us’, those cunts at Greenpeace now want everyone to bend over backwards lobbying the Ruskies to get these cunts out. Well I’ve got news for you cunts. You don’t represent me, you don’t speak for me, and you’re a sanctimonious bunch of martyrdom seeking, myth believing cunts!

I’m starting a petition to keep you cunts in jail.

Nominated by: The Large Visage



The Rolex watch. Worn by luminaries. Visionaries. Champions.

According to the adverts “It doesn’t just tell time.”

Yes, it does you pretentious cunts. And what’s more it’s worn by rich cunts with more money than sense.

Twenty grand for a watch? What the fuck for? I got a fake one from a bloke in Hong Kong for £50. It just tells the time. What more do could you want? Apart from snobby cunts fawning over it, obviously.

Nominated by : Dioclese