That Jo Cox ‘Tribute single’


Anyone involved in the ‘charity single’ done as a ‘Jo Cox Tribute’ is a monumental ginormous Saturn sized cunt and should be drowned in a vat of liquid shit… The fact that they are using the Stones classic ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ (ABKCO, you cunts!) is sickening enough…

But to make a record about a murder victim is griefjacking and Dianafication at its gruesome apex…

Whoever is involved with this mawkish, almost Scouse-like shite is up there with Gina Miller and Lily Mong for cunt of the year… Wouldn’t surprise me if the musical mong was on it….

All those who eulogise Cox should remember her priority was never the working people of Britain… She cared more about ‘migrants’ and her precious EU than any ordinary working family in the UK… So bollocks to this ‘tribute’…

Nominated by: Norman

The capitalisation of grief


I’d like to cunt the capitalisation of grief.

We had to pop one of the moggies to the vet/ bank robber this week (cunt umbrella now up as I seem to recall a contributor cunting felines a day it so ago, guilty m’lud, ours shit on a bit of no man’s land behind our yard, not that it’s a decent excuse). It’s ’50/50′ they say, rubbing in the guilt even before you’ve surrendered the Visa card forever.

That’s fine, says me, when you tell me the results we’ll make up our mind whether to cash in the Panamanian unit trusts, cunts.

We’ve always had chavvy rescue moggies and you win some, you lose some but that’s part of the game.

Next question- ‘do you have Petplan?. No fucking chance Shylock, they turn down more than they pay.
This fucking insurance against death is becoming a gargantuan scam now, funeral plans being top of my list.

I have to attend a family wedding this year, not my direct relative but the stupid little cunt is hitching to a fucking undertaker. I wan’t to find out if I can get clerical discounts or a twofer on a simultaneous marriage and death, in the same day.

Hopefully the moggy will be fine, if not then it’s plan B and get a new one from a charity. Either way is fine – I’m not after sympathy chaps, just cunt these bastards who make a shed load of filthy cash from guilt and grief. Cunts!

Nominated by: Arse Biscuit

Prince’s death


I saw some Sky News in the Pub last night, from 7pm-8pm, the whole hour was arse-licking and mourning for fucking Prince’s Death with the headline “breaking news” and the same clips, tweets and VT’s recycled over and over again.

I turn on the TV this morning, flick on to Sky news to be greeted with the same “breaking news” headline and same fucking bullshit.

Prince was a cunt and now he’s a dead cunt.

But instead of reporting news they tear the arse out of this story for over 16 hours. FUCK OFF.
God help us when the Queen finally dies, I think the BBC will just put up a testcard with a picture of the Queen and the National Anthem for 6 months solid on BBC1, BBC2, BBC4, BBC News & the Red Button.

So Prince is dead, fine report it now fucking move-on you grief jacking, lazy fucking sad excuse for journalist cunts!

Nominated by: Boaby

And now we’ll see nothing but Prince albums, remixes, compilations, out takes and fuck know what else dominating the charts for the next month. Just like the Bowie cunt only much, much worse ‘cos he’s a yank.

Seriously thinking of faking my own death just to push my sales up on iTunes!

Nominated by: Chas C

Bono [9]


Going for a record 9th cunting of Bono…

At U2’s gig in Paris, the sanctimonious, grief-jacking paddy cunts naturally introduced Eagles of Death Metal to play on stage with them.

Referring to the massacre at Eagles of Death Metal’s last Paris gig, Bono said: “We must also think of the terrorists’ families … I know it is hard right now.” He said the attackers’ families had also been robbed of their loved ones, by “an ideology that is a perversion of the beautiful religion of Islam”. Yeah, that’s right, you total fucking cunt, let’s not forget the poor, suffering terrorists. Any any cunt who describes Islam as “beautiful” is not only wholly ignorant of the Koran, but also deserves the full Mussolini treatment immediately.

I think this breathtaking comment far exceeds any previous episodes of cuntitude from Bono and I recommend this cunting to fellow cunters.

Nominated by: Fred West

Dylan Jones


Dylan Jones is a cunt…

The slapheaded professional chinstroker and GQ editor is in full griefjacker bullshitter mode: saying that Bowie had more influence than The Beatles…

First off, it isn’t a pissing contest: or about who did better than who… Second, it’s bollocks… Like them or not The Beatles changed the game for everyone… And they did it (mostly) without silly costumes and ‘stage personas’… It begs the question, as good as Bowie could be, would he have been as big without all the costumes, image, the playing of the media and Ziggy?

I’m not saying Bowie was without talent, but what would Ladyboy Ga Ga be without her image, stylists and her ‘controversial’ bullshit? I shall tell you: fuck all… Dylan Jones says while The Beatles reinvented music, Bowie reinvented musical genres… Typical hack chinstroking crap… What exactly did Bowie (re) invent? Glam Rock? Soul? Disco? that New Romantic shite? He dabbled in them all but he didn’t invent or reinvent them… Bowie was good in his pomp. but inspiring every pretentious and crap band from the 80s onwards is far less than what The Beatles achieved…

So fuck off, Dylan Jones, yer bald cunt…

Nominated by: Norman