Jordan Horner [2]


I see radicalised, ginger, face like a box of fire damaged lego , white British Muslim Jordan Horner is up to his old tricks again. At least this time the cunt is having a go at other Muslims. Something about an arguments years ago between Shias and Sunnis. I thought Protestants and Catholics had cornered the market on sectarian violence but you live and learn

Ginge Jordan Horner
Stood on a corner
Holding his placard high
He went on patrols
With two other arseholes
And said ‘What a complete cunt am I’

Nominated by: Occam’s Razor

Jordan Horner


Jordan Horner is a bacon dodging, amateur leprechaun impressionist.

This cunt has just been sent down for trying to impose Sharia Law in East London. The ginger twat has a face only his mother could love and clearly embraced Islam to get an arranged marriage to some unfortunate 11 Pakistani girl so he can finally pop his cherry. With a bit of luck maybe he’ll now get his cherry popped by Big Mary from C Wing after fumbling his soap in the shower…

Nominated by: Occams Razor

Stacey Dooley


Stacey Dooley is a fucking ginger cunt.

A talentless bint who thinks she can lecture the world about all sorts of meaningless shit because some cock-holster at the bastard BBC was daft enough to give her a fucking microphone and a video crew.

I’d like to stick that microphone right down her patronising fucking throat and shut the thick cunt up.

Nominated by : Termujin

( And she’s from Luton so ’nuff said… )