Tim Peake


I was awaked in my dreams by such a fearful flame and a rushing of comets. Terrible signs and portents indeed. A ginger haired man fried to a crisp. The heavens hath spoken. I bespoke me the ginger haired cunt about to leave this world never to return: the grinning astronaut cunt Major Tim Peake

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General

Adam Henson

Two cocks for the price of one!

Two cocks for the price of one!

Adam Henson of Adam’s Farm/Countryfile IS A CUNT!

Not because he’s ginger I hasten to add, but that does nothing to help his cuntishness. It’s his incredible ability to bore the living arse off every man, beast, fowl and insect in every square meter of countryside. His irritating energy and enthusiasm, dressed in what looks like Man At C& A- Autumn wear circa 1985. His annoying habit of continually chattering as he hurls straw bales about for no other reason other than it probably makes him feel more rugged.

Smacking the arse of one of his Hereford Bullocks with an ‘Isn’t she a beauty’, and then carting her off to be slaughtered, the sandy skin toned callous bastard’s unrelenting eagerness never wanes. I swear that in one edition of Countryfile I saw one of his prize bullocks look at him as if to say ‘YOU GINGER TOSSER!’

Of course I am ignorant being a city dweller, and I know nothing about farming. I am sure Mr Henson would give me a good dressing down if he were to read this post. But I still think he’s a bit of a cunt! And I trust there will be plenty who would agree with me. Despite him being labelled the ‘Nation’s Favourite Farmer’.

Nominated by: Chris McMillan

Jordan Horner [2]


I see radicalised, ginger, face like a box of fire damaged lego , white British Muslim Jordan Horner is up to his old tricks again. At least this time the cunt is having a go at other Muslims. Something about an arguments years ago between Shias and Sunnis. I thought Protestants and Catholics had cornered the market on sectarian violence but you live and learn

Ginge Jordan Horner
Stood on a corner
Holding his placard high
He went on patrols
With two other arseholes
And said ‘What a complete cunt am I’

Nominated by: Occam’s Razor

Jordan Horner


Jordan Horner is a bacon dodging, amateur leprechaun impressionist.

This cunt has just been sent down for trying to impose Sharia Law in East London. The ginger twat has a face only his mother could love and clearly embraced Islam to get an arranged marriage to some unfortunate 11 Pakistani girl so he can finally pop his cherry. With a bit of luck maybe he’ll now get his cherry popped by Big Mary from C Wing after fumbling his soap in the shower…

Nominated by: Occams Razor