George Lucas [3]


George Lucas is a cunt.

He sells out LucasFilms to Disney PIXAR (even Bigger Cunts) for 7.4 BILLION dollars, did not retain any rights to the Star Wars films, past, present or future.

Then has the guts to BITCH and MOAN about the new Star Wars film. Anyone could have told him that Disney-PIXAR are HUGE cunts who would take the cheap-and-dirty route to mega-bucks, by ripping off every bit of the first film that they could.

Plus add cunting ‘diversity’……female hero, black dude who no doubt will be banging her in the next film.

Piss and Moan George, you useless whining Cunt.

Nominated by: Gary

George Lucas [2]


The only Star Wars movie that matters is The Empire Strikes Back (the original version ) not that shitty special edition where george “shitebag” lucas decided it would be better to take a crap on it throw CGI on everything.

I don’t know why he was allowed to do that considering he had nothing to do with Empire(besides co-writing) as Irvin Kershner directed it. George Lucas is a fucking fat cunt who can’t take criticism and he ruined the prequels those movies are shite. If I was Disney I wouldn’t have bought the rights to the franchise, cause they can’t make it any better or outdo Empire. The story has to many plot holes and to much going on. And Jar Jar Binks.

Wow that Mr.Lucas is a Fucking Cunt.

Nominated by: Titslapper

George Lucas


George Lucas – he’s the one on the left – is a Star Wars ruining cunt.

Not content with desecrating the memory of the original legends, with three, utter, total shitfests, he then sees fit to go back and stick CGI cuntishness over the originals, thus despoiling them as well.

Utter, complete, Christmas TV spoiling, own hype believing, Ja Ja Binks bothering, ranch loitering cunt!

Nominated by: The Large Visage