George Clarke

This smug mackem cunt has been winding my clock for years but he’s just burst the fucking spring with his latest cunty uttering?

Long and the short of it – his 15 year old son racked up a £4,500 mobile ‘phone bill. George “massively blames” himself but then goes on to say that he’s moving all personal and business mobiles away from the provider (Vodafone) because they should have done something about it.

I’m certainly no defender of Vodafone (having once threatened to sue them for damages if they didn’t stop sending me marketing texts after I’d moved to another network) but just how the fuck is this situation their fault?

Apparently his son’s monthly spend is usually “less than 2%” of this latest figure. How in the Blazing Arse of Hades do you even get a £90 ‘phone bill?! A 30 quid “Big Value Bundle” on Voda gives 20GB of data, three THOUSAND minutes of talk time (over an hour and a half a day!) and unlimited texts. You’d barely have the ‘phone out of your wanking spanners with that amount of free usage.

Give the little cunt a PAYG SIM, a good clip round the ear and then both you and he TAKE SOME FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS and stop trying to blame others for your blatant ineptitude.


Nominated by Thirkleby Spunktrumpet