Rich cunts on games shows


What’s with these rich cunts who go on TV game shows to win more money, when they don’t need the fucking money?

I watched Tipping Point the other week and a fucking Headteacher won a shit load of money, and we all no most Headteachers earn £60000-£110000, fucking greedy cunts. I think he wanted the money to put in his open fire to keep the house warm.

Nominated by: Bob Bob



Why is it when I fancy a banana I can only ever buy them green and unripe in a bunch these days?

All the local greengrocers have been squeezed out of the high street by fucking Tesco, Asda, Sainsbuys and the chavvy Aldi and Lidl.

So I really want a banana, I go to the supermarket and have to buy a bunch of 12 of the green fuckers for £2.

I then get them home and it really is pot luck when they will ripen, will it be a few days? will it be like usual and take 10 days? Who fucking knows, but you can bet your bottom dollar they will all ripen on the same day, so two weeks ago I wanted a banana, now I have to eat 12 of the cunts before they start to rot!

Fucking CUNTS

Nominated by: Boaby