Manchester United FC

Manchester United FC are cunts…

I know: been a supporter all my life, Newton Heath born and bred… But the soulless scum who are now in charge of this once great club have sinked to a new low, even by their standards…

True United great, Nobby Stiles – who now sadly has dementia – was actually charged for tickets when he recently went to Old Trafford… A Collyhurst lad and a player who lived and breathed United and was part of the rebuilding process after the Munich Air Crash… A man who helped the club win their first European Cup… A man who is near the end of his life and also afflicted by a terrible condition is told by the suits he has to pay to get in… While some toothy yuppie cunts from the US, or some clueless moneygrabbing chinks will get complimentary tickets as part of some Glazer soul selling sponsorship deal….

Saddest thing is it’s not even a surprise… Not these days… I can hear Sir Matt Busby’s grave spinning round… Bastard fucking cunts… And Fergie can fuck off and all…

Nominated by Norman

Football fans


Football fans who refer to their club as “we”

We’ll challenge for the title, that was the year we did the double, we were unlucky there….

Fuck off with the we, you did fuck all and probably watched 99 percent of that success from your living room on Sky Sports.

Nominated by: Mr Cuntypants

Football fans in general are cunts. They buy overpriced club shirts, bore the tits off anyone stupid enough to listen while they talk about the latest wog that their club has spunked millions of pounds on,witter on about players as if they were “mates” with the cunts, hence the Giggsy, Scholesy, Becks etc. crap,get shit tattooes,and worst of all,give a platform for those cunts Lineker, Shearer and Ian Wright to spout their utter tomcuntery.

Rugby,cricket and horse racing are the only sports worth following.

Nominated by: Dick Fiddler

Sam Allardyce [2]


Amazed that nobody has cunted that fat, ugly, useless cunt Sam Allardyce.

Seeing that neanderthal grinning like a Cheshire cat on the front pages made me want to refund my dinner. “Hark”, I hear you say, “thou shalt have respect for the new England manager”. Well I don’t and here’s why.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that managing the national football team would require certain basic qualifications. Things like having been a success at the highest club level by actually winning things like league titles and cups. Has Allardyce achieved that? No. Have any of the teams he’s ‘managed’ had consistent qualifying success in European competitions? No. Has he managed any of the recognised big clubs across Europe? No. Has he had a strong track record of managing and coaching any of football’s best players? No.

So what exactly are his qualifications then? On the face of it, he doesn’t have any. So the fact he was offered the position in the first place beggars belief, but the fact he accepted it and didn’t say, “No, I’m completely unqualified, I have neither a winning track record nor mentality and my teams are generally just a bunch of thugs who kick, elbow and foul their way through games” makes him a weapons grade cunt. Absolutely cannot wait for this gargantuan prick to get fired.

Nominated by: Immitation Yank