Manchester United FC

Manchester United FC are cunts…

I know: been a supporter all my life, Newton Heath born and bred… But the soulless scum who are now in charge of this once great club have sinked to a new low, even by their standards…

True United great, Nobby Stiles – who now sadly has dementia – was actually charged for tickets when he recently went to Old Trafford… A Collyhurst lad and a player who lived and breathed United and was part of the rebuilding process after the Munich Air Crash… A man who helped the club win their first European Cup… A man who is near the end of his life and also afflicted by a terrible condition is told by the suits he has to pay to get in… While some toothy yuppie cunts from the US, or some clueless moneygrabbing chinks will get complimentary tickets as part of some Glazer soul selling sponsorship deal….

Saddest thing is it’s not even a surprise… Not these days… I can hear Sir Matt Busby’s grave spinning round… Bastard fucking cunts… And Fergie can fuck off and all…

Nominated by Norman

Football [3]


I would like to cunt football,all aspects of it-

Players – over paid kids with no life experience apart from acting like cunts most of the time,
management-over paid dodgy, wankers,very few of whom are British are paid an obscene amount of money to do fuck all

Fans – if they are not moaning about violence they are causing it! This doesn’t happen in any other sport,so why football? Is it due to a very large cunt ratio?

Hangers on – all the wankers selling various shit to the football cunts, counterfeit kit, out of date burger bar dog food, cans of coke with multipack on three for a fiver.

A very high cunt ratio in football. I reckon even more than the government…..

Treble cunts

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

Women’s Footie


Manchester United should ‘rectify’ their lack of a senior women’s team, says sports minister Tracey Crouch…. United’s Premier League rivals Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal are all represented in the Women’s Super League….United do run junior female sides but disbanded their open-age team in 2005….

“It is incredibly disappointing that one of the biggest clubs in the world doesn’t have a ladies’ football team,” said Crouch…..WSL crowds have risen sharply following England’s third-place finish at the recent World Cup…. Crouch added: “They have an excellent centre for girls but they don’t translate that into a ladies’ football team….
“At a time when there is phenomenal interest in women’s football, it is right that they should try and rectify that as soon as possible…” United say they have no plans to launch a women’s team but the situation remains under review……

This is exactly the sort of feminazi shit that I hate so much… Manchester United fans (men and women) from Manchester, Salford and Stretford do not give a toss or want a United women’s team… I know why Crouch wants one though… So the United name will make vast amounts of money for her pet project freakshow… Well here’s a big FUCK OFF to Tracey Crouch and the fucking women’s super league… You are a plague on football and true reds want no part of your bullshit, you fucking cunts….

Nominated by: Norman