Flies [3]


Its getting warmer now which brings a lot of benefits (seeing sexy women wearing a lot less, cheaper Gas And Electric bills etc). However this time of year also brings with it those met annoying of cunts FLIES, see my last cunting(http://is-a-cunt.com/2015/09/flies-2/) for more info.

I would like to add they are fucking horrible cunts who like to be sick on shit and then eat it, If that’s not cunt behaviour I don’t know what is and they are irritating cunts as well especially when you get the odd massive cunt of a Fly who sounds like a fucking lawnmower in the room.

Does anyone actually like the cunts? Flies are fucking cunts!

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt

Those little fruit fly things are cunts. Appear out of nowhere and do their little fly-dance in front of your laptop, the buggers. Very distracting when you’re concentrating hard on some quality porn.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Flies [2]


I’d Like to cunt flies. Flies are fooking cunts.

I have recently tried to quit smoking(300 times and counting) recently it’s been 36 hours since my last puff then with a fuck of luck a fly enters my bedroom and just starts terrorizing the hell out me buzzing by my face landing on my knee, being itchy because of it. Just being a allround cunt making me wanna light up again so I’m back smoking again hooray for that.

I swear I hope get the bastard alive because gonna dissect the fucker’s wings one by one. Flys are cunts absolute CUNTS!

Nominated by: Titslapper

I can’t stand files. They fucking hang around and always seem to want to fly near you when the cunts have the whole room to fly around in. What pisses me off more is when you are relaxing watching the telly and one starts flying near you, you then have to get up and open the window and try to get the Cunt(s) out and its like they do not want to fuck off, they fly everywhere but out the fucking window.

Horrible little cunts who like shit.

Nominated by: Black & White Cunt



Flies are cunts. No matter how little you open a window, a fly will always fly in. No matter how wide you open it, it will never fly out again. Cunts.

Nominated by : Yootha Joyce

My cats catch most of the little buggers. Trouble is they eat them, then I have to clean the puke off the carpet when they fetch-up an hour later.

Nominated by : Termujin