Fifty Shades Of Grey


Fifty Shades Of Grey (the film, the book, the crabby old minger who wrote it, and anything else connected with it) deserves a monumental cunting…

How this load of sick shite has become a phenomenon and ‘news’ shows how much of a backward shithole Britain has become. And the silly slags who are into it: how is a sadistic pervert and rapist sexy and heroic? And since when was it acceptable to abuse women in mainstream culture?

What makes me laugh is the silly bitches who read it and wet their bloomers over the film will doubtless complain endlessly about how their husbands, boyfriends and other men are ‘Bastards’ and ‘Pigs’. Yet they’ll do a Kit Kat Shuffle over some fictional sadist. Do they also get off on how female prisoners were treated in Nazi concentration camps too?

I tell you, lads: some women really are the dark side of the fucking moon…

Nominated by: Norman

…and let’s not forget the sequel