FIFA [3]


I need to cunt FIFA. They have launched disciplinary proceedings against Wales, not for being Welsh which would be fair enough, but because supporters wore poppies during the World Cup qualifier against Serbia.

Northern Ireland face charges over “acts of remembrance” . England and Scotland also face proceedings because they wore armbands with a poppy on it.

Apparently the poppy is now a political symbol. It was when it was inaugurated by Earl Haig in 1928 but not nowadays. What an utter bunch of cunts FIFA are.

So much for modernising etc post Blatter. More of the same bollocks from these morons.

I don’t like international football anyway but the sooner we drop those cunts the better. They will be crawling all,up Putins arse in 2 years time but he is ok isn’t he. Wear a poppy and you get fucked.

Utter, utter cunts.

Nominated by: Johnson

Womens World Cup


FUCKING women’s World Cup!!!

Football, rugby, cricket – who fucking cares? Watch them, they’re shit in all three events. Don’t even get me started on tennis where the screaming cunts feel they should be paid the same as a man when they don’t even play the same fucking game. Best of three sets for £1m!!!! CUNTS!!!

As for the cunts that promote this shit all over the press and TV they should be ashamed of themselves. Stick to netball and hockey which are WOMEN’S sports or at a push golf where at least the women can compete to some degree with the men!!!

Nominated by: Cunty Cunterson

Apparently there’s a BIG GAME tonight? Not sure what because as far as I can see it’s just some cunts kicking a ball.


Nominated by: Dioclese

The Women’s World Cup


The so-called Women’s World Cup needs to be cunted….
The BBC broadcasting the names of the players?! Seriously, who gives a fuck? Are the FA and the BBC really wasting time and money on this shite? There are only two reasons to tune into this bollocks: To see if there is any totty (there isn’t!) and to laugh at the goalkeepers…

I also bet some cunt at FIFA or UEFA gets a goal from this joke of a tournament to be named ‘Goal of the season’ ahead of multitudes of professional players and teams… What a load of PC gone mad crap…

Nominated by: Norman

Whoa! Footie cunts. Literally!!!

Can’t wait to see them pull their shirts off to celebrate a goal…

Nominated by : Dioclese

Jack Warner


Jack Warner needs a good cunting. He’s a Black-And-White-Minstrel lookalike, Johnny-come-lately cunt. Blatters second in command for years and happy to suckle at the fetid teat of dodgy cash that is FIFA prior to the lid being finally lifted on this maggot infested wheelie-bin of an organisation.

Now all of a sudden he’s got a conscience and is prepared to cooperate with the inquiry and grass up a few of his fellow FIFA thieves. Clearly a man desparate to get on the front foot and mitigate what’s going to be a mighty long time in jug. He’s a slippery, stab his mates in the back, totally minted, could easily be mistaken for Robert Mugabe cunt and no mistake. The cunt.

And lest we forget : The SNP are cunts, every man-jock of them. But particularly that Nicola Sturgeon.

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Warner is a copper bottomed cunt. And all those Africans voting for Blatter? They are as stupid as they are corrupt.

Apparently Blatter has Interpol in his pocket, so maybe that explains why he can’t/won’t be fingered..?

Nominated by: Norman

Sepp Blatter [3]


The obnoxious, arrogant piece of shit that is Sepp ‘Bell End’ Blatter will be re-elected to the post tomorrow. This will happen in the wake of numerous arrests of high ranking FIFA officials over the past couple of days on suspicion of corruption.

Watching this on the news, I found myself asking a question that I think most right minded people were asking. Why the fuck wasn’t Blatter arrested too? Considering he’s been President of FIFA for the best part of 20 years, I find inconceivable that he didn’t at least know about the antics of his allegedly corrupt colleagues.

Either Blatter was in it up to his neck, or he’s the most gullible, stupid and downright ignorant President that FIFA has ever had. I’m leaning towards up to his neck in it. Because there is no fucking way that a man like Blatter would be unaware of corruption in an organisation that he micro manages. I have no proof of this, but I reckon this cunt was getting a piece of every bribe that was accepted by his minions. Blatter says he’s standing down – but not until next year! Personally I think that’s about as likely as NASA announcing that they have video footage of Elvis doing the Macarena on Jupiter.

As I said at the start, Blatter is obnoxious and arrogant. He genuinely, and mistakenly, believes himself to be the only man who can run FIFA. That’s why he announced that he wouldn’t run for re-election, only to then stand for re-election. He’s a grubby little creep, who has allowed FIFA to be dragged through dog shit during his tenure as President. He’s a slaphead and a cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw