Diane Abbott [6]

I was watching the marr show earlier and although not a big fan I thoroughly enjoyed his skewering of Diane flabbot, for years her and corbyn have voted against a whole raft of anti-terrorist legislation, blocking it every which way but today not only did marr call her out, he hung her out!! , it was beautiful to watch flabbot squirming around, all the 30 years of fuckin bull shit dredged up and served for the viewers delight, at one point he tried to hand her a list of all the terror organisations she had tried to help by voting against action, she refused to take the list so instead he read them out, I laughed so hard I spat my tea out!!, she tried to argue some were dissident, not terrorist groups, TBH by this point it didn’t really matter as she was finished , my wife’s a Labour Party member and she had her head in her hands!!
Absolute gold… Abbotts the gift that just keeps giving…,.

Nominated by Quislings

Feminism [2]

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Feminists want equality and a voice for women. I dunno I have had enough of what feminists want nowadays. I feel they keep on bitching and they ruin young boys & mens lives in the process.

Teenagers today for the most part don’t bother dating and if they do get married it doesn’t last for long. I think feminists have tainted the waters for too bloody long. They are also instrumental in the gay agenda(trans too) telling kids its alright to be gay( I really don’t hate poofs but I wouldn’t encourage the bloody thing).

Have you seen the feminists holding up “trade racists for refugees” placards? FFS! what a bunch of race trading slags . Feminism might of sounded like a great idea when everybody was taking acid,smoking pot & snorting coke in the 60’s and 70’s but it was a bad fucking idea. Its gotten out of control and it ruined the concept of families for kids nowadays.

Nominated by: Titslapper

Refugees welcome

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Now this is a cunt… Don’t know the pathetic munter’s name, but what a cunt…

This daft bitch wants to have a night out in Cologne, and she’s probably a ‘feminist’ because no (sane) bloke will go fucking near it… It’s when one sees twats like this that we know the human race is eventually doomed…

Nominated by: Norman

Dozey WAGs


I’d like to nominate ‘female cuntishness’ or more accurately the perpetrators thereof………

I’m sure they do it to wind us up and they do it on purpose, that, or they are in league with the purveyors of blood pressure medicants.

Allow me to illustrate:

Sunday afternoon, Biggin Hill Air-show on the goggle box; the surround sound is wound up and flexing the windows. Enter honeybunch
“Loud isn’t it!” Strike one. That’s why I turned it on you dozy cunt, is what I wanted to say, but I let it slide.
“Now listen; this is what it’s about lass: a Spitfire.”
“Sounds just like any other engine to me.” Strike two. You fucking soulless harridan!

Michael Clarke announces his retirement and gets emotional:
“Aw.” She says “I feel sorry for him, don’t you?”
“No!” “He’s a baggy green Aussie bastard, which is as hateful a frenchman (No! Fuck off spell-checker he’s not having a capital F) without an English arrow sticking out of his chest. I hate the bloody convicts; they hate us so why should I feel pity for him”
“But it’s only a game and you shouldn’t get so angry, it can’t be good for you.” Strike three through twenty-three.

See what I mean. They can never attain cuntitude, but by the fuck the know about cuntishness and how to twist it when it’s in up to the hilt.

Of course you could never trump Cuntishness with Cuntitude or you’d never get your shirts ironed.

Sneaky vindictive cunning Cunts.

Nominated by: King Cnut

Bahar Mustafa [2]


Bahar Mustafa is a dumb cunt.

I wonder how she feels about piss porn? ’cause I’d piss all over her stupid twat face, and her being a fellow Trotskyite I wonder if she knows who Leon Trotsky actually is? Trotsky was a communist, mass murderer cunt responsible for thousands if not millions of deaths and was a Marxist ideologue.

Knowing Mustafa (this bitch from the lion king or something?) she would probably laugh off the deaths and say they deserved it. If I ever see this cunt I’ll give her a bitch slap so hard she’ll fly back to Pakistan and she can try being a radical feminist there.

Nominated by: Titslapper