George Lucas [2]


The only Star Wars movie that matters is The Empire Strikes Back (the original version ) not that shitty special edition where george “shitebag” lucas decided it would be better to take a crap on it throw CGI on everything.

I don’t know why he was allowed to do that considering he had nothing to do with Empire(besides co-writing) as Irvin Kershner directed it. George Lucas is a fucking fat cunt who can’t take criticism and he ruined the prequels those movies are shite. If I was Disney I wouldn’t have bought the rights to the franchise, cause they can’t make it any better or outdo Empire. The story has to many plot holes and to much going on. And Jar Jar Binks.

Wow that Mr.Lucas is a Fucking Cunt.

Nominated by: Titslapper

Camilla Batmanghelidjh


The egregious Camilla Batmanghelidjh orf Iranian extraction has been tapping a tidy old living oit orf waifs and stray kiddies for nigh orn two decades. Founded Kids Company, saintly intent, tireless charity worker on behalf orf said waifs and strays, honorary CBE ect ect no doubt and permanent bleeding heart fixture on BBC, Guardian, Red Nose Day et al. Has hoovered up any charity cash going – reported £9 million from HMG, £1 million from the Lottery ect ect – only fly in the ointment has had to “step aside” (one orf Sir Limply’s favourite moves in the old dance orf corruption) due to more creative financial direction than a blind punter would receive in a Cairo bazaar. Chairman orf Kid’s Company is that honorary cunt and Creative Director orf the BBC, two jobs and two pensions Alan Yentob (rented a room to his daughter once but that is another cunting).

Also undoubtedly scurrilous reported allegations from online sources that Kid’s Company has been a breeding ground for paedos.

In short she is alleged to have been running a vast charitable empire orn a cash in hand basis and appears at a loss to account for the fate orf vast amounts orf moolah. In a previous life when yours truly had connections with theatrical presentations orf an artistic nature in praise orf the female form, met the old cunt orf many colours at fund raisers various. Attempted to tap her for a spot orf inside gen on the great and the good but the filly would talk solely on a cash or goods in kind basis alluding, I took it with horror, to her garden orf Venus. Now slightest whiff of money and your pukka indigent aristo is usually orf after the fox in a flash but all I caught was the aroma orf a three day dead camel. The offer was declined.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Santa Claus [2]


Santa Claus is a right evil little cunt!

He breaks into your house, steals your food and drink, bribes your kids with tat and then sneaks into your bedroom and fucks your wife. And to top it all off, he fucked my roof last year parking his fucking sled on it. Bloody broken tiles everywhere.

And the fucking fat gutted cunt gets away with it year after year. Where’s the fucking cops when you need them, that’s what I want to know…

And while we’re at it Santa, where’s me fucking iPod? If I wanted a fucking sweater I’d have asked for it. What a cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

Kirsty Allsop


Kirsty Allsop! What a fat, horrible bastard she is.

I had the misfortune to be sat in front of the telly the other night while she patronised, rolled her eyes and generally spoke to the fucking idiots who can’t find their own new house like they were, well, fucking idiots. She strikes me as a right nasty, patronising cunt of a cunt.

I don’t know how that Phil resists from turning around and booting her straight in the gash.

Nominated by: Jimbob Cunt III

Maori tattoos

robbie williams tattoo13

Anyone with a Maori tattoo is a cunt.

I go swimming during the week, and the state of some of the fat bloated cunts who splosh into the pool has to be seen to be believed….but they have a confidence that they simply don’t warrant having, and it’s all because they have these fucking ridiculous Moari tattoos on their arm and shoulder….and most ridiculously of all, their calf.

Wise the fuck up, you daft cunts.

It’s not cool, it’s not hard, and when you are old and wrinkly, as well as fat, white and blotchy, you’ll look like an even bigger prick.

Get a Bazooka gum transfer instead if you need some ink.

Nominated by: Dan

( and that Robbie Williams is a cunt too )