Emma Thompson [3]

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Emma Thompson is a lefty cunt of the highest order i.e of the metropolitan elitist nature who looks out of their Ivory Tower at the rest of the country who she claims to represent the views of.

She has claimed that the reason Britain cannot take in more migrants is`racism`. Oh so it is racist not to want to set a precedent that everyone in an impoverished war torn country can swan in here through illegal means. What an assumption to make that British people would prefer white refugees. Maybe she is pre-occupied with peoples ethnicity while the rest of us are simply focusing on space and resources as arguments against the cosy Guardian BBC luvvie world which she is pretty much the patron saint of.

Come to mention it, didn`t her and her cunt of a husband say that they were willing to go to prison for not paying their taxes. Anyone here in a position to intervene in this important “humanitarian cause”?

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

Emma Thomson

Emma and her husband

Emma and her husband

Emma Thomson, and her fuckwit husband, Greg ‘Un’ Wise should be at the top of the cunt list. They are so far to the left, even Morrissey and Annie Lennox consider them extreme.

Their latest stunt, is to threaten to stop paying tax until the “evil bastards” at HSBC who helped their fellow mega rich cunts to minimise their tax in various dodgy ways. Personally, I think the other mega rich cunts deliberately left them out, and now they’re jealous.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw