Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the Cunt behind the Tesla car brand which all the snowflake cunts think are the solution to the world’s transport energy issues. Well breaking news – the electricity has to be generated somehow so if every car became electric then how the fuck could they all be charged/recharged just look at any garage when they get busy there are queues and 10 gallons of petrol takes seconds so how would an electric “garage” work.

And secondly he wants to make the human race intergalactic. Well that’s a no, we can’t as a species be allowed to infest the universe.

Nominated by goodwoodone

Elon Musk is desperate to fill the void on tech worship left by Steve Jobs. The fucking fervent reporting on his Falcon SpaceX rocket launch was beyond frenzied and bordering on mass-wanking-hysteria.

Sure, the science behind the rocket launch (for anyone who cares) is a revolution of sorts. But the problem with this egotistical cunt is that he is ensuring his name is all over it, to the point where this whole rocket stunt has become one giant Tesla/Elon Musk advert.

Press are largely ignoring the fact that Tesla, the electric fucking car company Musk is behind, has made a sizeable loss and with regard the Falcon rocket, the central booster failed to land back on target, and the final stage overshot the intended orbit for Mars.

And most cuntably of all, what payload did Musk choose for this rocket? His own Tesla Roadster car with a dummy strapped in, the stereo of course playing Bowie’s ‘Life on Mars’ on loop. Things do not get any more fucking self-indulgent than that.

So, it’s a cunting for having a stupid name, for being a vain tryhard and for being yet another egotistical fucker in the world of science. Fuck you. Life on Mars? There’ll be Cunts on Mars at this rate.

Nominated by The Empire Cunts Back