I hate Blur. Every fibre in my body is anti Blur. There isn’t a song that I’ve heard that is even remotely good. Oasis are genuises compared to Blur and thats not saying much because they have done some pretty shite stuff.

I also have convinced myself that their brother vs. brother fued is somewhat of a scam,can’t tell anymore. Gorrilaz are really shite too I can’t believe they have made millions over it, who buys this shit? This form of corruption in the music industry encourages bad/no talent and bravado.

Also they have upped prices on Cd’s and vinyl as a way to combat piracy. What a load of shite.

Nominated by: Titslapper

Chris Spivey [2]

A monkey wearing a Chris Spivey T-shirt

A monkey wearing a Chris Spivey T-shirt

Chris spivey deserves a massive re-cunting as the fat ignorant conspiracy theorist cunt is claiming, predictably, that the Tunisian massacre didn’t happen and was staged by “crisis actors”…

Nominated by: Fred West

A cunt out of his own mouth :

your own common sense should leave you laughing at events such as this latest crock of horseshit coming out of Tunisia

Lying British crisis actors more commonly known as Pondlife Traitor Arse-wipe Shitheads make up some hysteria inducing old bollocks after being trapped in their own tiny fucking minds and given a strict mandate to work non-existent Terrapins hurling FUCK ALL at anybody into their fantasy

The gunman who was later shot dead was named as Seifeddine Rezgui, 23 – in other words, an unpronounceable name commonly given over to nonexistent terrapins by the woefully inadequate, government sponsored false flag, scriptwriters

15 Britons were among the 38 who were mercilessly killed in the massacre yesterday and that number ‘may well rise’, Tunisia’s Foreign Minister Tobias Ellwood has said. Yeah, Tobias will be waiting on a phone call from the Cunt Cameron to tell him whether to increase the number of British dead or not.

7/7 was a false flag attack too although that was carried out on British soil. Are the Monkey-Boyz saying that this false flag in Tunisia was carried out on the orders of the British Government? Or did ISIS telephone the Cunt Cameron and tell him that this was an attack specifically targeting the British.

I apologize most sincerely for inflicting this piece of disrespectful, egotistical, sadly deluded piece of pond life on the public. I shall immediately commit suicide to asuage my guilt, realising that Chris will probably say that Cameron had me bumped orf in a false flag attack.

Nominated by: Chris Spivey’s Mum

People Persons


I’d like to formally cunt “People Persons”. You know the type. “Hey, I consider myself a real PEOPLE person!” Yeah. Right.

These awful cunts are usually found attempting to edge their way up the corporate/ religious/ charidee/ political ladder whilst genuinely believing themselves to be inspirational and motivating types who brighten the lives of lesser individuals. Often seen herding their reluctant office underlings into the paintball area of your local wood/swamp/marsh for some “Team Building” (Eurgh!!) or leading a bunch of naïve inexperienced adventurer types into the mountains for a (hopefully) doomed sleepover at Camp Hypothermia. And he’ll have a secondhand guitar which will be twanged tunelessly around the campfire while he urges his freezing companions to sing along about their “ging gang fucking goolies” or suchlike.

Invariably obsessed with slogans such as “wake up and smell the coffee”, “there’s no “I” in “Team”, “get with the program” and the perennial 80’s cunt catchphrase “go for it!” (AAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!) this turd in vaguely human form considers himself/herself a charismatic natural leader of men when actually they are a grating, obnoxious pain in everyone around them’s arse. Tragically they are also often utterly well intentioned into the bargain with the result that their kind hearted colleagues and friends (if they’ve got any) can’t bring themselves to bring them down to earth by informing them that they actually possess less charisma than a half empty tube of Anusol abandoned in a bedsit bathroom cabinet. In Wales.

Nominated by: Mr Bastard

…and here’s a little musical take on the problem as well..

Kanye West


If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and Kanye West, I would shoot Kanye West twice…

Funny to see all them wankstains at Glastonbury: all those white English folk singing along to Kanye Kunt’s set, and then all the furtive looks and awkwardness when it came to the ‘N’ word….

Nominated by: Norman

Kate Moss


Supposed “Supermodel” and walking toothpick with eyeballs Kate Moss is a cunt.

Not content with bullying recovering stroke victim Andrew Marr out of his coffee shop seat (No fan of the man but strokes can get ANY poor cunt!) the malnourished shitbag has got herself pissed up on an Easyjet flight (whilst returning from a stretch of rehab no less) and drunkenly abused passengers, flight crew and the (female) pilot. No doubt with the timeless classic screech of “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” It’s pretty obvious WHAT you are my dear.

Anyone who would abuse a pilot trying to control several hundred tons of metal and aviation fuel carrying passengers who might actually have worked for a living is an absolute cunt of terrifying proportions.

Mrs Bastard is 52 and she looks better than you from every angle and has the benefit of a pleasant personality to go with it. Fuck off and get a bloody sandwich, you skinny, emaciated, overrated, overgrown playground bully, coke fiend, fag ash Lil and consummate CUNT!!

Nominated by: Mr Bastard