Eddie Izzard [4]

I know Eddie Izzard has been cunted before, but I’ve just seen the fucktard doing an appeal for UNICEF, wearing a UNICEF t-shirt and full make-up – because of course he’s a tranny and demands tranny rights to wear make-up (and/or women’s clothes) in public because, you know, that’s his “right” as an “out” tranny.

And yet in the film clips of Izzard visiting Yemen used in the appeal, cunters may be interested to learn that there’s one thing suspiciously absent from Izzard’s appearance: no make-up and no women’s clothes (not even a sly kitten heel). So obviously the cunt is able to make judgement calls about when it’s appropriate and when it’s not appropriate to indulge his hobby of dressing up, there’s no “irresistible inner compulsion” he’s unable to control. Yet when he’s out and about doing his political campaigning or appearing on Question Time spouting his badly thought-out drivel, the cunt unfailingly turns up in a scarlet beret and painted nails. If the cunt was not in the entertainment industry, would he dare turn up to a job interview dressed like that? Of course he wouldn’t. Which leads me to the inescapable conclusion he’s just an attention-seeking cunt of the highest order who should not be afforded any special privileges at all – in fact, if any cunters ever spot him in the street, perhaps they could question him as to why he chose to forego his make-up and drag in Yemen… (and then, while he’s replying, just walk away and say “I don’t fucking care – I think you’re a cunt”).

Nominated by Fred West

Eddie Izzard [3]

March for Europe

What does Eddie Izzard have? He has a mental disorder common to many members of the Labour party. It’s called ‘Left Wing Retard Completely Bigoted and Intolerant Too Stupid To Be Taken Seriously Syndrome’ or LWRCBITSTBTS.

Sufferers usually display a hyperactive sense of entitlement, a vastly overblown sense of their own importance, an entirely unjustified belief in their own intelligence and moral and ethical superiority, and an arrogance that defies all logic.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Protecting Eddie Izzard


The plod who nicked the bloke who snatched the mincing ponce Ediie Izzcunt’s pink beret is a cunt.

What a fucking waste of resources. Typical of plod though going for the easy target.

Surely a sensible reaction would have been to give him a warning and tell Izzard to stop making such a fuss and to fuck off. But no – up the steps he goes. Try getting plod to come out for anything these days is difficult to say the least but take a poofs hat and all hell breaks loose.

Perhaps this is the start of a new development in that plod are going to detect all crimes big or small. Not holding my breath on that one though.

Nominated by: Johnson

Eddie Izzard [2]


Eddie Izzard is a cunt he also claims to be transgender but he’s transvestite. He doesn’t have boobs just likes wearing women’s clothes. Izzard was a unfunny gift to the Brexit crowd, rightfully so with his stupid pink beret and red lipstick routine.

If Remain really wanted a bigtime comedian to persuade the masses. Then they should have persuaded someone like Michael MacIntyre. The masses like him, he sells out O2 and his comedy is bland enough not to offend anybody. Play it safe, wasn’t that after all Remains main message?

Nominated by: Titslapper