Climate Change


Climate Change, thats a fucking oxymoron, a climate is variable by definition.
We have seasons, spring, summer, autumn, winter.
Of course the climate changes!
I suppose that have to call it climate change now, because global warming has been dis-proven.

But hey, bring in carbon taxes to save the planet….lol

Nominated by: Boaby

Wind farms are a good example of their climate change stupidity. They claim the generate “free electricity”, but they don’t just pop up like mushrooms, they need a concrete base and steel it’s construction, which takes a lot of chemicals and electricity to make. Do they take more resources to build than they generate in their operational lifespan ?

Same for electric cars, last time I looked a battery was full of a lot of nasty chemicals…

Nominated by: Andy C

Bill Oddie


Bill Oddie – Cunt by name, cunt by nature

For years the little misogynistic cunt and former children’s presenter has presented twitcher programmes generating viewer comments such as “what a little tit” and “you stupid bustard”. Then suddenly genus cuntus avem (species cunt bird cunts) is given the old boot by the BBC allegedly for an unspecified incident that occurred during filming on Brown Sea Island (spiritual home orf the Boy Scouts). Oddie claims he left for “health reasons” and has floated a history orf Looney Toons behaviour in support orf this including the now fashionable bipolar (Fry, Miranda Hart, Griff Rhys Jones et al) and attempted suicide. Sources at the BBC claim he took a pair orf size twelves with hobnails up the arse because he is a miserable little git. Why is it that with this type orf cunt it is only ever “attempted suicide”? Other claims to fame include the support orf convicted paedo Rolf Harris. At least Oddie has been orf the gaydar for a few years or so I thought……

Then bugger me I inadvertently switch on some lunchtime discussion on immigration and such and there is the miserable old bearded cunt boring on about how he is ashamed to be British and the strain on the Health Service ect ect is down to the indigenous population having too many kids. Nothing to do with unrestricted immigration and he rejoices in the “diversity” that has hit this once great nation.

This policy orf “rub their faces in diversity” followed by Brown, Cameron and Clegg is the greatest act orf genetic manipulation since Hitler. Would a cunt like Oddie nominate a small island orf the coast orf Africa and fill it up with every species orf ape known to man and let them go fuck? There would be howls orf protest from the bleeding liberals orf the world. Must ensure the integrity orf the species, interfering in the processes orf nature, loss orf bio diversity ect ect. But absolutely spiffing me dears to conduct such an irreversible experiment upon the human population of Britain and without the consent of anyone outside orf a tiny metropolitan elite.

In retrospect I do miss his haemorrhoidal spats with Kate Humble (always fancied eating a bit orf Humple pie meself) and to cap it all it has given the BBC the opportunity to fill Oddie’s void with that lisping cunt Chris Packham (unmarried). Carry on Cunting, campers.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Ben Duncan


Ben Duncan. Until recently, this saggy buffalo scrotum was a Green party councillor for Brighton and Hove. I say until recently because he’s been sacked as a Green councillor and is now an Independent. His crime? Apart from being from being a far left fuckwit that is. Well, he decided to tweet his distaste of Armed Forces Day. And apparently, it’s only the latest in a series of dipshit tweets.

This is one of the reasons I hate the left wing. They constantly harp on about the right to freedom of speech, whilst slagging off the very people who ensure they keep their freedom. Often with the most despicable of comments. They truly are the definition of ungrateful cunts.

His exact words were, “Armed Forces Day has certainly brought the hired killers onto the streets of Brighton today. Hard to explain to my son”. Actually, it’s pretty easy. “Well son, those people wearing their uniforms are the reason that people who don’t wear a uniform are allowed things like freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom itself basically. We owe them our gratitude”. See, easy.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I served in the British Army for 18 years. Including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. So obviously, this little piece of shite has offended me greatly. Especially since I lost two good mates. One in Basra and the other in Nowzad. Men of honour.

I don’t particularly give a fuck that he doesn’t like military personnel. I despise left wing cunts like him. So I guess it makes us even. In my opinion though, the right to freedom of speech, does not necessarily mean you have to use it all the time. Some things are best kept to yourself, and Duncan’s recent comment comes under that category. Then again, Liberals are usually the most vocal. And they always talk shite.

I don’t mention my service to try to big myself up by the way. I just want you to understand where I’m coming from.

What saddens me the most, is the fact that this dick actually has children. I mean that poor little fucker is going to grow up believing that being an ungrateful, mouthy, obscene little cunt, is a good thing. It isn’t. It just means you’re an ungrateful, mouthy, obscene little cunt.

I will always be proud that I served my country. Even though I now consider myself a stranger in that country. Ben Duncan is incapable of understanding what it is that makes people decide to serve UK rather than just take from it, like he does. He might consider people like me to be ‘hired killers’, but I consider myself to be a better man than Duncan could ever hope to. He’s nothing more than a far left traitor.

I should mention as well, that I think the Green party’s action here has motivated, at least in part, by a threat from a right wing group to march through Brighton in protest at Dickweed Duncan’s comment. Personally, I think those loopy Green cunts all agree with him.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw



Bez is a thick as shit northerner. He was allowed about five minutes of airtime on Shaun Keaveny’s radio show (I’m tempted to cunt Keaveny and Everett for allowing it) to spout his sixth form common room drivel about fracking, GM crops and free renewable energy for all.

Grow up, you stupid cunt.

And what kind of name is ‘Bez’ anyway? Another word for cunt I reckon.

Nominated by : Harry Axwound

( For those of you who are thinking ‘Who the fuck is Bez?‘ he’s a dancer, percussionist, author and media personality. He is best known as a member of the bands Happy Mondays and Black Grape. He’s proposing to stand as an MP FFS! )

The Arctic 30

30 arctic cunts

A complete bunch of cunts if ever there was one. A self-righteous gaggle of global warming bollocks believers, who expected the worst outcome of their little stunt to be a slap on the wrist, before swaggering home to the acclaim of their cunty mates.

Fucked up the intelligence assessment on this one a bit didn’t you cunts?! Turns out the Russians think global warming is bullshit, and don’t take too kindly to tree-hugging eco pirates trespassing on their kit. These cunts are now shivering in the corner of a grotty jail, praying that their cell-mate ‘Big Ivan’ doesn’t wake up and give them what for with his Stalin’s organ again.

Because these cunts were ‘there to represent us’, those cunts at Greenpeace now want everyone to bend over backwards lobbying the Ruskies to get these cunts out. Well I’ve got news for you cunts. You don’t represent me, you don’t speak for me, and you’re a sanctimonious bunch of martyrdom seeking, myth believing cunts!

I’m starting a petition to keep you cunts in jail.

Nominated by: The Large Visage