Easter (2)

I would like to get an early cunting in for Easter. It is my contention it’s only kept going by commercial interests. I think most people would be quite happy to ignore the whole stupid fucking thing but the constant messages about celebrating ‘ your Easter’ create a certain pressure to ‘conform’ which the gullible fall for. fuck Easter.

Nominated by richard1.

Easter is on a par with Valentines – utter bullshit! I fucking hate chocolate too!

It is supposed to be the most holy of the Christian “holy-days” and yet if you were to ask kids who we are celebrating they’re just as likely to say Nestlé or Cadbury as they are Jesus.

And how the fuck does the clergy know that Jesus died at Easter? I mean it was 2,000yrs ago?? If he did then he’s the most unlucky cunt in the world, what with his birthday being on Christmas day too!

Nominated by a Rebel without a Cunt!



Easter’s shit these days. The eggs seem to be made out of dried diarrhoea and filled with pus.

And you can’t even enjoy a nice church service as the vicar will be a fat lesbian doing the ‘job’ to get access to little girls to fist them up the cunt.

And the congregation will be 5 old cows smelling of piss in their cat-skin coats and lampshade hats.

Nominated by: Fuck Easter