Doctors receptionists

Can I cunt Doctors Receptionists

Particularly one cunt I had the misfortune of dealing with today

I’ve been away on business all week, so the wife dropped off repeat prescription for me, Tuesday. It’s now Friday.

Just been to pick it up. After waiting in a queue for 30 minutes or so, since most of the third world seems to have come down with a cold today, I met the ugly bitch.

Me “I’ve come to collect my prescription”
Bitch “Your blood tests are overdue, we are going to withhold the prescription”
Me “ I have no medication left, I left it a bit late, but I have been away”
Bitch “We are entitled to withhold medication if you have not had your blood tests”
Me “What I have does not tend to go away. Can I have my prescription please?”
Bitch “It’s not been signed because your blood tests are overdue. Shall I book you in ?!
Me “Now listen up for fucking cunt. Im diabetic, if I don’t have the fucking medication, I fucking die. Can you grasp that ?”
Bitch “Shall I book you in for some blood tests”
Me “No I want my prescription please.”
Bitch “You cant have the prescription till I have booked you in”
Me “I want my prescription, If I don’t have it I die. You could try taking some blood from my cold, dead corpse, but I’m unsure what use they would be to me. In the meantime prehaps you could see if you could get a prescription to cure stupid”

So still no prescription. It’s friday.

I’m just writing a massive letter of complaint and I am going to go back up there at 2 to see whoever is in charge.


Nominated by Andy C

BBC Boffins


From Prof Brian Cox to Prof Alice Roberts and the whole shower of cunts employed by the BBC to bring you retard level science. Water can be a liquid, a solid or a gas. Fucking hell, bust out the nobel prize… for cunts!

Brian Cox is possibly the most well known, a theoretical physicist (charlatan) involved with CERN (Cunting Euro Retard Nonces, well it should be!) but it’s center for euro research or some bollocks, fucking Google it if you care!

If you’ve never seen him just imagine a ‘messy’ haircut in skinny jeans or any bass player from any ‘indie’ band in the last 25 years. A monumental cunt of epic proportions, he oozes cuntitude and is the BBC’s current ‘top boy’, can often been seen mincing around wit that Eyrish cunt Dara O’brien.
He makes Joey Essex look charming and somewhat of a raconteur you’d invite round for supper.

Then we have Alice Roberts, a fucking veggie no doubt (topical), tree hugging, red hair dyed bumpkin, she seems to raise the temperature of the ‘Time Team’ set who only get excited at finding a 12th century shithouse with fecal remains.A biologist I think, but seen presenting all sorts of guff on BBC4.
Probably a lesbian, but filling some PC box at the BBC and the current ‘top dog’ of the bitches.

Then you have the shower of shite who make up the rest, Dr Suzannah Lipscomb, Dr Helen Czerski, Prof Jik AlkAlili, Neil Oliver, and the worst of the lot Dr Kate Williams.

Kate Williams deserves a cunting all of her own, she looks like Elizabeth I from Blackadder, has her tongue so far up the Royals arseholes her breath smells of corgi shit . She is on every TV show whenever there is anything in the papers about the Royals, She is always promoting, defending and wanking over the royals, what an epic brown nosing slag, sling her in the tower, the cunt.

So the BBC and their shower of open university grads presenting science even a 6 yr old could understand deserves cunting…

Nominated by: Boaby

Dozey WAGs


I’d like to nominate ‘female cuntishness’ or more accurately the perpetrators thereof………

I’m sure they do it to wind us up and they do it on purpose, that, or they are in league with the purveyors of blood pressure medicants.

Allow me to illustrate:

Sunday afternoon, Biggin Hill Air-show on the goggle box; the surround sound is wound up and flexing the windows. Enter honeybunch
“Loud isn’t it!” Strike one. That’s why I turned it on you dozy cunt, is what I wanted to say, but I let it slide.
“Now listen; this is what it’s about lass: a Spitfire.”
“Sounds just like any other engine to me.” Strike two. You fucking soulless harridan!

Michael Clarke announces his retirement and gets emotional:
“Aw.” She says “I feel sorry for him, don’t you?”
“No!” “He’s a baggy green Aussie bastard, which is as hateful a frenchman (No! Fuck off spell-checker he’s not having a capital F) without an English arrow sticking out of his chest. I hate the bloody convicts; they hate us so why should I feel pity for him”
“But it’s only a game and you shouldn’t get so angry, it can’t be good for you.” Strike three through twenty-three.

See what I mean. They can never attain cuntitude, but by the fuck the know about cuntishness and how to twist it when it’s in up to the hilt.

Of course you could never trump Cuntishness with Cuntitude or you’d never get your shirts ironed.

Sneaky vindictive cunning Cunts.

Nominated by: King Cnut

Topless selfies


Skanky whores who take selfies with their tits out and then complain when the pictures find their way to the internet. Doh! What did you think was going to happen you stupid cunt? If you do not want your tits plastered all over the internet, do not take pictures of them in the first place, fucking simple!

It all stems from a growing and deeply disturbing trend in society for not taking responsibility for your own actions, when shit happens it is always some one else’s fault which is at the heart of all liberal social theory since the 60s. Wrong, cunts!

Nominated by: Fat Rich

Fucking dozy slags – they think that ‘selfie’ they sent to Dave will not be forwarded to all his mates within 12 seconds of receiving it. Delusional!

That is a bit out of order, granted, but the slags who post all these pics to Facebook & Instagram deserve everything they get, is it not stated by Facebook that EVERY picture you upload belongs to them and they can sell, redistribute and essentially do what the fuck they want with it.

And the best bit of irony about these dumb sluts is that they are all fucking mingers anyway. the exact same poses, the exact same 47 degree above the head pointing down shot (to mask their 14 chins) and of course, always taken in to a mirror.


Nominated by: Bob Carrolgees

War correspondents

Arabian Knights - Troops from A Company 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (1 YORKS) serving on operations in Baghdad

War correspondents deserve the biggist cunting ever!

Firstly when the shit is really flying they are not there Then when it stops they turn up and pretend its still going on and are in mortal danger. Should anything happen whilst they are there they are more than happy to film you as you writhe in agony instead of doing the decent thing and dragging you away from the cause of the problem.

And lastly, most importantly they ask stupid fucking questions! Whilst working abroad wearing a uniform and carrying an assault rifle one dumb fuck walked up to me and said “What are you doing here?” Classic!

Nominated by: Lord Benny