Dominic Grieve (3)

Dominic Grieve. I need to say very little and you will no doubt agree with me. His motion to give MP’s a vote on what happens after Treason May’s shitty deal gets voted out the door, basically has killed off any chance of no deal, in fact he’s basically killed Brexit because the fucking snowflake cunts in the commons will vote to revoke article 50.

Democracy at it’s finest, give you a vote, tell you that they’ll honour the vote, completely fuck up negotiations, start to shirk at the mess they’ve made, plant a seed of retreat, continue to fuck up selling their shitty negotiated deal, throw their hands up in defeat and say sorry, pretend it never happened.

Fuck you Dominic Grieve and the rest of you twat, non democratic, lying, backstabbing, arsehole MP cunts.

Nominated by elboobio

Dominic Grieve [2]

This fucking old woman has been on The World At One again, this time threatening/promising he will resign from the Conservative party if Boris Johnson becomes leader.

I should tell him to fuck himself if I were the chairman of their party. The old fuckwit has tried to derail Brexit, yet today he had the fucking cheek to suggest that old Boris was a threat to democracy. The old wanker who would like to stop the democratic wishes of over 17 million voters. What a deluded arsehole.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Dominic Grieve MP QC

A cunting fit for a queen to this demented old arsehole, who, in his efforts to thwart Brexit, is even outdoing the Soubry cunt in the drama queen stakes (“At a recent meeting I had to be protected by SIX armed officers”, the old hag said in Parliament yesterday). No you didn’t *have to be* darling, you are just an attention seeking old fuckwit, and an hysterical old twat.

As for Grieve, he appears to be doing the LibDem and the Labour Pansy Remainers job for them because they are too fucking thick to do it themselves. The old bastard is still at it this morning on radio with his threats.

Of course old Dommie is only shitting in the road out of principle. Or is it because he is still miffed at being demoted from high office. 2010 to 2018 has seen quite a fall in the old motherfuckers standing.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs